Adventures Of A Shoe's Mood

"Could you believe that the jerk we have as a boss decided I'll be the one taking him to the pig farm."

"Look who got lucky!" My colleagues said as they all laughed.

"This isn't funny! Me of all people. I'm too clean for the pig farm! There is Old bootie and our very own pig lover right there. They are both perfect for the job."

"Don't beat yourself up. I'm sure everybody in this room has been assigned to the pig farm at one point in the past."

"But not me. I don't want to step in there, and have those ugly pigs sniffing me. That is quite irritating."

"Bob! you are simply in a bad MOOD, take it from your best friend."

"C'mon Joe, these ain't fair and you know it. I'm meant to take him to beautiful places and get the opportunity of meeting some pretty rich ladies."

"Well you are in luck, The boss always visits the coffee shop before every visit to the farm, perhaps you might meet some ladies."

"Goddamit! what do you take me for? I don't need those sort of ladies. I'm talking of ladies at the bank, at the church, at the big malls, that's where you meet expensive Ladies."

"Bob! calm down. Take deep breathes. Remember what happened the last time you were in a bad MOOD."

"I'm not doing anything crazy this time, I'm just going to escape."

"Escape from where?"

"From this! I don't know, from this room, this house. Escape from it all."

"Bob why do you keep saying escape? You are not a prisoner here. The boss paid completely for you on the day he hired your service. "

"Well I've got no service left to give. I want out!"

"Look around you Bob. There's no getting out of this. If you get old, the boss replaces you. But will never let you go. Look at Old Sam over there, he is the oldest Here. He sits at the corner everyday, decaying as he gets close to his grave. "

"I don't care if nobody has ever escaped, I'm going to be the first to escape."

"How do you plan on doing that?"

"I have it all planned out believe me."

"Bob you are clearly forgetting the fact that You can't go anywhere without the consent of the Boss!"

"I know that!"

" You Literally can't go anywhere without the boss."

"Yeah, I just said I know that!!

"Bob You are just a SHOE!"

"Joe You think I don't know all that?! You think I don't know that I'm a worthless shoe? You think I don't know that I can't do anything unless I'm pushed around like a toy."

"Take it easy buddy."

"You might not believe me, but I'm going to make it out of here."

"Bob, If you escape then what?"

"Well, I'm sure a client would see me and wonder what a handsome young fellow is doing without an owner, and take me in."

"Bob what do you have hidden in those nylons?" Joe asked as he watched put a suspicious nylon inside me.

"It's all part of the plan."

Just then the door opened and the boss Walked in, looked around and headed towards my direction.

"This is it!"

I felt my body tremble as I said this. Every step my boss took made my heart beat faster. He finally stopped in front of me. One foot in and the next foot in, we headed for the exit.

"This Is your way out." Joe said.

"Yeah! I just hope the smell in here doesn't kill me, before I get a chance to escape."

Here's another reason everybody hates going to the pig farm, the boss never takes his bath before going to the farm."

"Good bye Joe! You have been the best friend one could ever ask for. We will meet again I promise you this."

"Good bye bob."

On our way to the farm, The boss made a stop at a coffee shop. This is my chance. I said to myself as I released the scorpions which I had hidden in nylons. The boss was talking to a pretty lady up there, so he acted like nothing was going on and just kept stamping his feet.

"Are you alright?" I heard the lady ask him.

"I'm fine. Excuse me for a minute."

The boss said as he ran out of the coffee shop screaming. He immediately untied me and pulled his legs out.


"Freedom! Freedom!!!"

I screamed at the top of my voice. As I was removing the remnants of the scorpions crawling inside me, I saw the boss walking towards me in anger.

"Oops! This can't be good."

"You stupid, useless shoe. How dare you embarrass me in public!"

The boss said angrily as he kicked me hard. I saw myself flying in the air and with a loud splash I landed into the sea. Now I'm sitting at the bottom of the sea asking myself.

"Will any client ever find me here, or am I going to decay all alone down here?"


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