That day, 5 years ago...


Mina was sitting at her usual seat, tightly clutching on to her coffee mug and looking for answers in its deep brown depth.

Hugh walked in behind her and gave her a side hug. She spilled some of her coffee and turned around

"Oh, you surprised me!"

"What's going on in Minaland? Why are you telling the coffee your problems?"

Mina took a deep breath and straightened herself.

"Hugh, I need some advice. There's this guy I like, and I want to confess."

"Ooo Mina, who is it? Someone I know?"

Mina waved her hand.

"I'm not sure but I won't tell you because I might end up embarrassing myself."

"Unless he's a total idiot, he'd be lucky to date you."

"You think so? Anyway, how do I confess?"

"Flowers, men love flowers and jewelry and just light 365 candles-"

"Hugh, be serious."

"It's not a big deal, just believe in yourself and confess simply. Honestly, I don't know why you're overthinking it. Wait, unless it's me or maybe my brother."

Mina looked at him for a few moments. she was crumpling a tissue in her hands. She looked down and asked.

"What if it is?"

"Who?" Hugh pulled himself back and crossed his arms.

Mina bit her lips and said, "Your brother."

"Ah, for a moment I thought it was me. That would have been awkward since I don't believe in relationships. I'm really happy being alone and I don't want to mess with a good thing."

They both sat in silence for a while.

Mina shook herself a bit and forced her lips into a smile.

"So, how do I ask your brother out?"

"Don't worry, he'll ask you out himself in a while."

Mina was paying her bill and looked Hugh " Do you ever think you'll change your mind about being single?"

Hugh looked at her, the answer written in his eyes.

5 years later

"You look gorgeous Mina." Hugh looked at the bride and smiled.

Mina came up to him to straighten his coat.

"You look quite dashing yourself. I wanted to tell you something. Five years ago, in that coffee shop-"

"I knew you meant me, but I didn't want things to be awkward. Now everything worked out. I can't believe you dated my brother because of that lie and are marrying him. You don't still like me, do you?" Hugh said.

Mina walked towards the aisle and looked at Hugh standing next to her groom. She whispered to herself "I do."

The prompt I've used is from the past ink well prompts.

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