Golden boo


"The atmosphere is electric. The underdog against last year's champions. Nobody could have predicted this line-up. But this match promises to be a cracker. The players are taking the field. You can see the determination shining on their faces. Welcome to the finals of the world cup."

The commentator bounced up and down in his chair and his whole body shook as he spoke out.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of a red jumper that was moving around in the crowd. It belonged to a middle-aged woman who was looking everywhere but the pitch. She held a piece of paper in her hands. She fixed her gaze on one person and licked her lips.

The commentator felt a nudge.
"It seems as if L is in pursuit of his quarry, and he is guarding the striker M very well. M is trying to shrug off his marker but to no avail."

The woman in red had placed a hand on the shoulder of a man in a joker wig. The man had spun around, and his eyes had grown bigger. He had made a dash for it only to be brought back by the woman's hand on his t-shirt collar.

The commentator looked back and forth,
"L has now intercepted the ball from M quite neatly and is moving towards the opponent's goalpost. L tackles M in a desperate attempt to stop his advent. However, the tackle did not touch the ball and the referee blows his whistle to declare a foul."

The woman sporting the red jumper applied pressure on the joker-wig man to make him sit again. She pointed her finger at him and held out her hand.
The man pushed the person next to him on the woman and jumped to his right only to smack his head against a barrel-like chest. The woman waved at the broad-chested man and gave a thumbs up.

The commentator smiled. L has managed to get past defense of the opposing team. It is just between him and the goalkeeper. L moves his right leg over the ball and kicks with his left foot as the goalie dives in the wrong direction. It's a goooooooal!"

The man with the well-muscled chest put his hand towards the joker wig guy's pocket. But the joker wig managed to wiggle away only to fall right into the arms of the woman who was partial to red sweaters. She extracted his wallet took out a wad of cash and waved goodbye.

At half-time, the commentator overheard a conversation.

"Did you see that woman in red. She's the infamous Madam Chachka. She took bets against the underdog reaching the finals. Everyone laughed at her, and people ghosted her once the team for the finals were confirmed. But she tracked them down in the crowd."

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