Ephemeral Happiness

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"If money can't buy happiness, then why am I so happy? Why do you look so miserable after working yourself to the bone at that small school of yours? " Mr. T moved his bishop on the chess board while eyeing his opponent's queen.

Mr. R grunted "Money can buy you tools for happiness maybe, but it is your attitude and the circumstances that create happiness."

"Not tools but happiness itself, how about a plate of delicious food with finely aged whiskey? That makes you happy instantly."

"Eating all the gourmet dishes in the world cannot compare to the feeling of eating a hot meal on an empty stomach, you savor every bite of it. As for the aged whiskey, I'd rather have moonshine with my mates than aged whiskey alone."

"Now you're just splitting hairs. What about family? I gave my children the best in everything, the latest toys, the most expensive education, the means to enjoy their teens and see the world. My kids love me and talk to me every day even though they aren't in the country. My wife was able to quit being a lawyer when her health declined because I could give her financial security. She happily pursues her hobbies and always has a smile for me, every time I see her."

"Your wife became a hypochondriac as soon as your first company was a success and your children just contact you when they need money. Love- as cheesy as it may sound- cannot be bought. Obedience and Dependence produce the illusion of love. The mirage of love is the most specious form of happiness."

Sergei, Mr. T’s driver of thirty years raised an eyebrow as Mr.T's shaking hand picked up his rook.

"Money would probably have saved your wife, could have given her the best healthcare. It would let your daughter have time off from working 3 jobs to pay her student loan."

"You fight dirty. Money cannot guarantee immortality, nor can it teach the value of hard work. My daughter doesn't call me every day but when she visits me, I know she did it without any expectations. Her time is valuable and I'm happy to have some of it."

"Sergei, would you rather have my family or my friend's here?"

"Yours sir."

Mr. R looked at Sergei and back to Mr. T and a peculiar smile played on his face. He'd always wondered why Mr. T’s two sons had moles on the same spot as Sergei.

"Money can buy the illusion of happiness but maybe that is the saddest of all things."

This story was based on the Ink Well's prompt

Two people have a heated argument about a philosophical question such as nature vs. nurture, or whether people are inherently good. Tell the entire story in dialog with only a few narrative phrases here and there.

From their great 50 prompt ideas post

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