A piece of CAKE

A big thanks to @Jayna, @agmoore and @gracielaacevedo for these weekly prompts. As a new mom, I'm too busy for most things but I do write for this prompt :)



"Happy Birthday darling!"

Mom said as she laid down a plate covered with a cloche.

Lyla's face did not ease into the typical smile that a fourteen-year-old gives in anticipation of a birthday treat, she sighed and lifted the cloche, sure enough, her vegan all-natural mother had piled up fruits to give the semblance of a cake.

"I put a cherry on top!" her mom clapped her hands together.

Lyla looked at the clock and bit her lip "Can we go there early? What if the queue is too long?"

Her mother shook her head slowly "I can't believe you want to go see a modern "witch" for your birthday. Where did you even hear about her?"

"She's really famous on that app ALT, she's got over a million followers, she's granted so many wishes."

"I wish she could give you a college scholarship." Her mother joked feebly.

But Lyla was staring at her phone.

"Bewitched by modern technology." Her mother laughed at her own pun.

Lyla took in the view of the castle in the distance where Vera the Wise lived. She was boarding the ferry and missed her step and fell into the water. As she was rescued and given towels on the deck of the ferry, she saw a girl of her own age, posing behind a giant guitar shaped cake and taking selfies. Her mother came up behind her with a second simpler cake whose chocolate scent wafted towards Lyla.

Lyla smacked her lips and looked away. As they neared the island, she saw a long queue and her heart sank. She took her place in the queue and looked at her phone, but it had shut down after getting in the water, so she was forced to look at the people around her.

A dad was carrying a steaming mug of hot chocolate with a generous piece of apple pie for his daughter. Lyla swallowed and turned her attention to the other side. A group of girls were giggling and bending over a box of cupcakes, Lyla groaned and just closed her eyes. Suddenly, someone shoved her, and she stumbled onto the person in front of her. She could feel people's eyes on her as she struggled to get up on her own.

Her head was bowed down, and her shoulders droopy by the time her turn came. She entered a small room, with psychedelic projected shadows where an elegant woman in a Chanel dress sat in a recliner.

"It's your birthday today isn't it Lyla?" She said looking at her nails.

Lyla's eyes went round, and she stuttered yes.

"What do you wish for the most?"

"Honestly, I just want some cake and good luck."

Vera the Wise laughed but did not offer her anything.

"Complete rip off." muttered Lyla.

4 years later

Lyla looked at her four-tier death by chocolate cake and smiled. She'd saved up and kept aside some money from her part-time jobs to buy this treat on her birthday. She probably had to live on a banana a day for the rest of the week.

She checked her measly bank balance and opened her crypto account and got a shock - Someone had deposited $2000 worth of CAKE coin in her account, four years ago.

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