A Decision of Faith

"I am your father and you are going to do as I say" my dad screamed but I don't think this was going to intimidate me. "What happens if I don't?" I asked as I prepared my mind to hear the worst. "You'll no longer live under my roof, you'll cease to be my son if you dare disobey me". "Fine Dad, if that's what you say then fine" and with that I went to my room with tears in my eyes. I took my guitar, packed a few clothings and little things I thought I'd need. I looked at all my siblings and I felt the tears I was holding in, warm and slowly descending my cheeks. I gave my mother a long look and she was just there watching me with a sad look on her face and I exited the house.



I am Shekinah Osheyi and I'm 26years old. I am a graduate of Lit City University and I studied Law. I have never wanted to study Law but my dad insisted on it. Since I was smart and could cope, I just studied the course for the sake of my dad and when I graduated I handed him the certificate.



I had a perfect voice, a voice too good to belong to a 26 year old guy. I sang a lot and I wrote poems. That's how I developed the habit of writing songs. My parents, especially my dad, weren't in support of me pursuing music as a career. Dad had a way of dictating us. He always wanted us to do what he wanted and I kept wondering what happened to our own passion, dreams, goals. How much do lawyers earn anyways? Out of four siblings I'm three and you can say I'm the black sheep of the family.

I left home 4 years ago after a heated argument with my dad. I had taken part in a National singing competition that year and I made it to the 4th position and a prize of 500,000 naira. Luckily, one of the judges who was a musician picked interest in me and offered to train me. It was such a big opportunity for me, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. He was a celebrity, very rich and influential. He was good at what he does and I knew I would go places just training under him. I spoke to my parents about it, mum knew this was a great opportunity but she said my dad had the final say as the head of the family. As expected my dad said no. I pleaded all I could and spoke to his respectable friends whom I knew he would listen to yet he didn't agree. This is what led to the argument. He threatened to disown me if I took the offer.
I thought about it long and hard, I didn't like the condition of my family. I didn't like the way Dad kept ordering us around either. I knew this was a big chance for me and the thought of missing it made my heart ache. I was determined and confident in my abilities. "I would be a coward if I let this chance pass me by" I thought to myself. I figured it wouldn't matter in the next few years if I came home looking all established with my own track playing in my car so I damned all consequences, I made a decision of faith - I left home to chase my dreams.



Memories of all I went through came flashing through my mind as I stood on the stage beside three other contestants. I had participated in The Voice Nigeria singing competition and I made it to the last round. You know that very moment when the time to find out if the decision you made years ago was worth the risk, the pain, the sacrifice. I turned my back on my family and got trained for this. Hearing my name being called this moment would mean I have won the race. It would mean that I'll have a new music studio set up just for me with a cheque of 10,000,000 naira. It would mean that I have a direct appointment with great and already established artists. It means I'm officially a celebrity.
"The winner of the Voice Nigeria 2022 is…" came the voice of Zeny the show's speaker. At that moment I shut my eyes so tight, I could feel my heart pounding and I felt it would rip out of my chest, I was nervous as hell. My physical body may have seemed like I was just standing but I could feel my insides vibrating with fear . I was saying words of prayers in my mind… 'ding!' went the bell of suspense, meaning it was time to hear the long awaited winner. "Shekinah Osheyi!!! Congratulations Shekinah" screamed Zeny. I couldn't believe my ears, I jumped up screaming with the crowds shouting, clapping and cheering. I was overwhelmed, I knelt down and covered my mouth with my hands with my head gazing up at the bright lights. As I looked back at the crowd, my eyes beheld the woman who birthed me - a determined and very strong boy who knew what he wanted and finally got it. I couldn't believe my mum was here, I saw my dad and my siblings. My entire family was here to witness my big day. My joy was complete, I had no other request. The tears I was holding in came trickling down my cheeks. I wiped them with my hands with a smile plastered on my face, the smile of victory.



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