A TALE OF AN ARTIST - The Ink Well Prompt #52

Jack was an artist known all over the city for his artistic talent. His works were second to none. He could draw anything you ask him to draw without any form of mistake. He was truly a master in the art.
However, one thing that affected his personality and success as an artist was his pride. Jack felt he is the king of all artists and nobody could contend that position with him. Unfortunately that got to him, and that became the beginning of his misery and downfall as an artist.

And just like a mystery, Jack lost his artistic skills, talents and inspirations. He was not able to come up with a drawing of any kind for so many weeks now. He lacked all forms of inspiration and couldn't figure out what the problem was. He couldn't see himself as the king of arts anymore since everyone laughed at him and distanced themselves from him.

Jack sought for solutions to his problem from different angles, but none seemed to work. He read so many books of art, but none of these books gave him answers to his problem. Just as he was about to give up on everything, he heard some persons talking about a 400-year-old temple in the middle of a cast forest, near a waterfall which has so many arts in it.

He felt since he had nothing to live for again, he could as well visit the place with the hope of getting solutions to his problem. Jack thought that he might be able to rediscover his artistic skills and talents by admiring and immersing himself in the beauty of the all time gorgeous sculptures and art. And so, without thinking further about it, he decided to go to the location as soon as possible.
He began his journey to this mystical region that drew him in after some study and a route map of the area. It was a difficult journey through a road that was seldom travelled. But it was his determination that drove him forward, and he eventually arrived at the magical ancient temple.

Jack was so amazed by the countless number of ancient sculptures carved around the temple and its surroundings. He immediately slipped into a trance, a blissful trance, feeling the mystical essence of the magnificent temple. Jack went ahead slowly, admiring the incredible sculptures and ancient arts.

As he continued his quest for solutions, he came to a place by the waterfall, which was a little further from the temple, where his gaze was drawn to a lovely art of a beautiful lady who he felt a connection with instantly. Jack was stunned beholding such a lovely piece of art and he stood there, unable to take his eyes away from that amazing piece.

He couldn't stop but wonder about the beautiful art and the artist who created this lovely sculpture. He admired that artist with all of his heart. This is something he has never done before since he believed his was the King of Art. He regretted why he allowed his pride to get the best of him. He cried, prayed, and asked for forgiveness with the determination that he will always be humble.

The night was fast approaching, so he decided to leave that location for the day. He went out of the woods after taking one last look at the sculpture. He walked away from the temple and the place returned to its silence. A light breeze began just as he was about leaving the area, and then suddenly, the beautiful sculpture whispered something into his ear, "It's back".
He couldn't understand what that meant, but he just had to get back home. He quickly left the temple, but it took him some hours before he could finally get home. When he finally got home, he was so tired that he fell asleep almost immediately.

Jack woke up the next morning seeing so many drawings around him. How the drawings came about is still a mystery to him till date. However, that wasn't as important to him as the feeling of him having his artistic inspiration, skills and talent back. Jack became the humblest artist ever lived after he learnt his lessons the hard way.

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