The Missing Ring

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The land of Ohio became a myth when most illnesses were caused by the disappearance of the queen's precious ring, the kingdom's fortune.
The ring which contains so much magical powers and was smithed by the greatest goldsmiths, the founders of Ohio tribe.
All the birds who's main jobs were to protect the queen lost their strength and powers because, the glory had departed from the queen's palace.
The medical practitioners were not able to heal the sick because, their intelligence and knowledge were derailing rapidly.
The entire kingdom began to experience a king of darkness in everyone's life. People lost their motivation to work for the queen's government and crimes tripled due to the fact that there were no law enforcement agency on duty.
Queen Bee, the falcon of all birds; the voice that speaketh truth at all times. She summoned all the birds in the kingdom to fast and pray in order to get the attention of their gods, Eagle head gods.
They fasted for six straight days without eating nor drinking and the gods responded to them because of their commitment and submission to it.

"Queen Bee!"

The chief priest requested for her presence before the gods.
"What have I done this time, oh gods of my fathers?"

She asked, spreading her wings before the gods.
The gods opined that matters would soon become considerably worse if the kingdom's ring is not recovered before the end of the first moon.
The gods went further to stress on how terrible the kingdom would be if the ring falls into the wrong hands.
At that point, the whole kingdom got short of words and was quiet for a short while. No whistling and whispering.
The fasting and prayers session ended in no one's favour. The queen was well questioned by her appointees and permanent staff concerning the missing ring.
As a wise queen, she organized her strategy team, had serious meetings with them and later came up with a plan to recover the kingdom's missing item.
Few days before the end of the first moon, the queen summoned everyone before the palace to make her great request.
Before the people, she said;
"Oh yee daughters and sons of the sky, inhabitants of the great Ohio, the undefeatable fleet of the earth.
I need your help"

The queen got the attention of the people, simply by showering some praises on their minds and making good and achievable promises.
She went further to request for the best and strong birds in the kingdom who will volunteer for the secret mission.
She was wise enough to hide the details of the mission so as to prevent the spread of the news to all corners of the earth.
When she was done with the meeting, she instructed those that volunteered to meet her before the great mountain Everest.
As the big number of birds heard about the meeting point, they declined heavily from above 300 to just 2 which were Edet and Emen.

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The 2Es were lovers from birth and have never departed from the sights of each other.
They have won many awards as a team and have never been defeated in any challenge or contest.
The 2Es were much appreciated and promised to be made the queen's high ranking officers in the army if they return her missing ring.

"Missing ring!"

Emem quickly short Edet up, knowing the reason why they were asked to fly up to such a great height.
"Don't you know that this is a secret mission?"

She warned Edet never to say it aloud again until the mission is completed.
The 2Es were given a map and an compass to aid their mission and as well, make it a quick one.
The 2Es followed instructions as professionals and got the right location of the ring, but it was before their enemies.
The 2Es planned on how to blend with the colours of their soldiers in order to enter the secured facility where the ring was kept.
They successfully entered the secured facility and found the queen's fortune, the ring hung beneath a lion.

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Before the lion was Emem who created a distraction for the lion while Edet flew below it to get the ring.
The ring was successfully retrieved and handed over to the queen as promised by the 2Es.
The queen quickly took the ring to the Eagle head gods for proper guidance on how to make good use of it, as well as protecting it from the hands of the evil ones.
Today, the kingdom of Ohio, the home of birds is in good hands and in order.
All thanks to the 2Es whose statuses are found in all corners of the cities.

This story is for my entry to Inkwell Short Story Contest. The prompt for the week is FORTUNE.

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