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The Inkwell Fiction Prompt #25: Don't Laugh At Him


Is Tuesday, heading back home from work. Two guys were entering the same public bus with me. I entered the bus including the two guys, we were waiting for the bus to get ready and move. A lot of people were at the bus station, it wwe crowded with people. The two guys were teenagers going for a party, there were discussing and making noise inside the bus.

The bus was about to take off when an elderly man entered with his little boy, Eric. Eric look sick. The elderly man and his son sat close to the two teenage guys.
Eric was excited when the bus started moving.

“Dad, everything seems different outside and I like what am seeing dad.” Eric said to his dad.

“I know is your first seeing all this things”

The two guys were laughing at Eric because of what he was doing inside the bus. “What is wrong with this kid. Why is he acting like this inside the bus.” The boys said.

Eric father heard the boys and started talking to them in a soft voice.

“My son was sick since he was 5. He was always inside his room, I just took him for an eye seeing. This things are new to him. Please don't laugh at him, he is just a child recovering from illness.”

The teenage guys felt pity on Eric and told him sorry. The bus got to their distination and everybody went to their various houses.

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