The Inkwell Fiction Prompt #21: Down The Street(short story)

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Henry is a boy that lives down the street, just directly opposite Mr Godswill's apartment. Henry has always been a good boy and because of this, he is loved by everyone especially by MR Godswill who has no son and takes the good, kindhearted guy as his son.
Few days later, on a bright sunny day, Henry drove home being chased by the police. He was accused of overspeeding, after series of warn off by the police to make him park, he turned deaf ears to them.
Right before his house, the police over took him, dragged him out of the car and cuffed him. The young man was struggling, trying to calm the officers down, but since he made them waste enough energy chasing him, they we’re no where near listening to him. Not till Mr Godswill came out of his little furnished apartment.
He managed to come out of the building to talk to the police on Henry's behalf. Mr Godswill was a retired Deputy Supretendent of police. It was after his retirement that he moved to the apartment he lives now. Nobody knew about this till now and through his influence, Henry was released.
This is what Henry's kindness to an old helpless man has don to him. A savior from serious court charges.

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