The Rise Of A Young King

Ahnaf Piash
The Rise Of Young King

The land was filled up with corruption which was caused by King Dennis.He was so stubborn and troublesome.He never listened to people but only trusted what he said. His wife,Queen Mars has no say in the affairs of the kingdom including the women's aspect. She has no right to call any form of meeting without the consent of the king. The king became so tough even to his children. King Dennis succeeded his father when he was still alive.He was eager to rule and took over from his father, disbanded the cabinets and installed his favorite. He placed the ones he could control and those that would not cause him much problem.

King Dennis fears no one except a man who was so powerful and filled with the love of people.This man was supposed to be the king of the kingdom, but King Dennis's family forcefully took the throne from him while he was out there fighting for his kingdom. He went to wage war to protect his people and when he was back,his throne had been taken from him and was sent on an exile. This man was a powerful man in the reign of Ukaka land.He is Great Akala.Anytime King Dennis heard about the name "Akala",he is always afraid which means fear would always overshadow him.
Akala had a son who was just 25 years of age and was his youngest son. He was a brave child and behaved just like his father. Akala has always cherished his youngest son, Oki, to the fullest.Every tactics Akala once used were seen in his son Oki. Oki has been with his father and has been trained on how to overcome his enemies.He was also kind to people which made everyone loved him.He reigned throughout the land of Omokri where he lived with his father to his mother's land, Ukaka and was known to be the best fighter.

After five years of King Dennis's reign,he fell sick and was so severe. No one was visiting him just because of his wicked act and every member of the community was praying for his death. They never for once loved him because he had never shown anyone mercy.So his sickness had a cure which was so far from their land. The Herbalist told him that the only place to find the cure to his illness is in the forest of the dead which seemed close in sight but very far when trekking. King Dennis sent two of his guards to the forest to get this leaf and must bring in excess. The two guards left and could not make it through as they were either eaten up by wild animals or still on the journey.It was four days since they left but yet did not return.

The king sent again another guard of four members as well as his personal guide. They all left for the journey but the same thing happened as they could not return. It's been five days now and their bodies are yet to be found. He was wondering what might have happened to everyone he sent were not coming back. This made him call all the members, both old and young to the palace.he gave them an order with a promise attached that anyone who could save him by bringing him the Ofa leaf would be rewarded handsomely. He added that he would give anything the person desired without knowing the gravity of the word he had spoken. He gave them seven days to think over it since he wasn't able to carry out his duties properly as a result of his illness. When Oki heard of this, he took off to the land with his father's consent.He disguise himself as someone else.He was bearing another name entirely and went straight to king Dennis.Oki told the king that he could be able to get the Ofa leaf and even more within two days only if he kept to his promise.The king repeated it that he would give the person whatever he or she demanded for. Oki repeated after the king "Do you mean anything"? The king said "yes everything'' without knowing what Oki was going to do.

Oki embarked on the journey alone and was seeing the forest but could only get there in two days. Oki gave the king two days and it is going to take him two days to go and two days to come back making a total of four days. When Oki got to a spot, he remembers that there was a song one can sing which can draw you so close to the forest and even take you directly to the forest. The only person who knew about this song was the one whom king Dennis feared most. He is Akala, the father of Oki. So, Oki learnt the song from his dad and sang it when he was half, the day he left. Within three hours, he was teleported to the forest.

He got to the forest and saw the leaf exactly where he landed. He never wanted to take chances and decided to pluck the leaf and even more. He repeated the same song in order to leave as fast as possible. After singing the song, he was teleported to the land of Ukaka. The king was surprised to have seen him so fast. He began to sense something he did not think of initially, but he cannot change his words as a king.

So, he was cured and regained his state. The people of the land were not happy as their wicked king had revived back again. Most of them were saying that the suffering had begun.

When Oki was asked to say whatever he needed as he had saved the king from dying. Oki first looked at the king and remembered what his father told him about the king and the way he always behaved towards his people. He did not wait any longer but said to the king that he wants everyone and all the members of the community to be on ground before he can be able to say his mind. King Dennis ordered his new guards to call all the members of the land of Ukaka. So, within a few hours, they all gathered and Oki said to the hearing of all the members of the land that the only demand he has to make is….is … is nothing other than the throne. Everyone was silent as well as the king. He spoke and they heard but waited for the response of the king. He said to them again that:

I'm the true son of the land and have the blood of royalty flowing in me. My father was once supposed to be the king of this land but the family of king Dennis took the kingship away from him and even banished him from the land. So, this is just the only opportunity I have to bring back my father, the great warrior. He is Akala. Immediately, king Dennis was frightened and was just as if the ground should open for him to enter. So, he had no choice other than to surrender the kingship as it was not initially his.

Oki and his family as well as his father lived happily and the people of Ukaka were so happy to have him as their king.

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