The Legion

Gioele Fazzeli
The Legion

The huge wind went across the kingdom, there were both coldness and hotness. It was a kingdom neither far nor near. A kingdom that stood between existence and non-existence. A kingdom called Umutin.

A sudden sense of fear was felt in the kingdom. A sense that explained defeat. A strange silence went through the kingdom. The silence that spelt out dispersal. The silence that spelt out the dispersal of a great one. The silence that spelt out the dispersal of the kingdom's peace. The silence that spelt out the dispersal of the king. The ears could not believe the defeat of their king. He was defeated by a group called Legion and was led by Finn called Balor. The legion was the most feared group in the kingdom of Umutin.

After the death of the king, Balor automatically became king. Everyone feared him and no one wanted to cross his path. He made many people who went against him his slave and killed many that didn't concur. He got whatever he wanted for free. He had many lands making many landowners landless, he had many houses making many house owners homeless, he had lots of cows, sheep, goats, horses. He sacrifices a two-month-old ram every market day to renew his immortality.

Countless times passed, the endless time ending started. The darkness started turning to morning, joy moved through the air, spreading slowly like dews and fading almost immediately like early morning dews after the sun rises. A son was born in the kingdom and the destiny of the kingdom was placed on his shoulders, his name was Synba. A cute kid with long curly hair. He was so peculiar that Balor was able to feel his birth. He ordered all legions to capture the little boy according to the way he had seen it in his dream. He described the boy and the place he was staying as well as his parents' names. This was as a result of the dream he had related to the boy and also what he felt about how the kingdom would be taken away by the little boy. Immediately, all the men in the legion group headed out to perform the king's wish.

As they got to the realm where Synba was born. They held him and tried to capture him but he immediately disappeared. He appeared in the bush of the forest where an old man found him. He lived with the old man until he was fifteen (15). He had a dream one night that he was back in his kingdom and was able to defeat Balor, the Finn of the legions and the king of Umutin. He also dreamt that he was able to defeat the Balor with the sword given to him by the old man he stayed with. Immediately, when he woke up he went to the old man to ask him for the sword. The old man in awe asked him "which sword are you referring to?". But, Synba replied you were supposed to give me a sword. Immediately, the old man knew that it was time for Synba to be given the immortal slaying sword. The man handed the sword over to Synba and he held the sword but suddenly disappeared and appeared back in the village.

Synba organized a secret group with the villagers to wage war against the king. They planned very well and also planned on how to execute their plans on the next market day. The day finally arrived and they headed to the king's palace. Synba wanted to get to the Finn at all costs. He was able to get to the Finn which they fought for a long period, but finally, Synba slid the immortality slaying sword into Balor's chest. Immediately all the legion dropped, and an overwhelming sound of joy was heard as peace knew the kingdom once again, happiness sounded in each house and the morning arrived at the kingdom gradually adjusted into non-existence.

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