The Bad Egg

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The Bad Egg

I am Jonah who has a friend called Matt. I'm a businessman and somebody who does not joke with his business. I always try by all means to help the people around me as well as my friend Matt. Matt is a corny man who always wanted everything to himself. Matt is not ready to work but ready to take from me. At a time I had to talk to him and give him the shop to manage. Just because of the friendship, I never wanted to see him without doing something for himself. We have been together for so long and for many years. I have known the kind of human being is and I have also studied him and know what he can do and what he cannot do. I am also assured to always stay clear and also stay within my limit. He is the kind of person who never wanted the progress of someone else. I am progressing because it is my destiny and also my destiny to help people grow. I also want him to work hard in order to earn money or see some money to cater for his family. He is a family man like me.

Mona is a young lady who came back from a higher institution after taking a Christmas holiday. I so much cherish her a lot. I have deep love for her, but lack the ability to speak to her. Anytime I am about to talk to her, something else will take my thoughts away and I will just get afraid of what I have to tell her. We have been like this for over six months now. This shows that we have been just friends but deep in me have fallen for her. Mona is beautiful and indeed a damsel. I have taken her to be the kind of girl who does have manners with the few months we have been together as friends.

One fateful day, I told my friend Matt to help me tell her about the way I am dying for her. Instead of my friend, Matt, to say my mind, he decided to woo her by himself and was using her to collect money from me. Mona and Matt became lovers unknowingly to me and she came to me pretending to have been talked to by my friend. The only thing I don't like is for me to date a girl and begin to ask for something else from her. I love staying with my girl for some long period of time and speak of marriage terms to her. What I had for Mona was more than just a friend, but she never knew of that fact. We kept on talking blindly until I saw some little changes in terms of too much demand. Her method of demanding was just too much. I kept on giving her what she wanted and sometimes gave her more than what she was demanding.

She came to meet me in the house and met my friend, Matt in my house. Mona was not comfortable and was having the feeling of going home. My friend, Matt on the other hand was equally not comfortable and thank God no one told me what I saw in between the two of them. It was a big slap to my friend for sharing my money with the girl I was thinking has love for me. After that day, I began to suspect the two of them.

At a time, she always threatens to leave me for another man if I do not give her what she is demanding from me. Since that very day, I changed my pattern of dealing with her and indeed she saw that I have changed and do not have her time any longer. Mona began to suspect that I knew all her moves and plans, and so, she decided to limit her method of collecting money from me.

Since I can always buy what I wished for, and I can never give her to the extent of bringing myself down, I decided to tell her to make ways for us to go to meet her parents for our marriage arrangements. I only told her to know her mind if she has some feelings left for me, but it was all lies she had within her. Mona told me that we should still postpone the journey to her parents house. I never mention anything like that any longer.

One fateful day, Mona came to pay me a visit and to discuss her returning to school, but I was already set for work and so, I decided to leave the keys to my house for her as she told me she will be preparing some soup and stew for me. I gave her some money to do the cooking and also for herself. As I was leaving, I forgot to take my log book which I had seen was so important to me. It is the book where I always record debtor's names. After some hours, I decided to dash back home to take the book, to my surprise, I met the unexpected. The girl I called my own, thinking she was alone cooking, not knowing that Matt had come to meet her in my house. What I saw them doing was not the best.

I later sent her out of my house and warned her never to come close to me any longer. I also broke the friendship between Matt and I. This was how our friendship got disorganized. Thank God I have set Matt up and since he has betrayed me, I need to let our friendship break up because he is not to be called a good friend.

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