Journey Of Destiny

Anna Zhilina

The moon went dark and bright that night. An overwhelming sound was heard, a sound that brought calmness, and peace. A sound that pronounced accomplishment. A position of leadership, dignity and honesty. This is the land of our forefathers. A land filled with honey, a land that promotes humanity and self-development. Judan is a poor man, who is 91 years old. He has a wife and her name is Rosabel. Rosabel was just 86 years old. Rosabel couldn't give birth to Judan and she felt unhappy anytime she sat beside her husband and she kept telling him that he was close to his grave and anytime he would join his ancestors.

Judan was on a sickbed while Rosabel was on her way to the market to get Judan some herbs and other foodstuff. It was already late before Rosabel left the market for herbs. On her way home, she met a boy whose name is Jadel. Jadel was sitting beside the river and he raised his head and he saw Rosabel coming in his direction. He got scared but Rosabel told him to be of good cheer that she is not here to harm him. Rosabel asked what he was doing outside during this ungodly hour. Jadel explained to her that he overheard his uncle speaking to his wife that he wanted to use him for a money ritual and he had to run for his life. Then Rosabel asked if he could come and stay with her. Jadel thought of it and said yes, so they both left. Rosabel sighted some of her family members including that of her husband's in front of their house. It was then she was told of her husband's death. She then ran and wept rivers of tears.
After the death of Judan, Rosabel had no choice but to accept the way things were going. Rosabel and Jadel now live together, Rosabel loved Jadel so much that she had to let Jadel take her husband's room. Jadel had only one friend whose name was Joral, who was a hunter. He learnt from his father who was a great warrior. Jadel learnt how to hunt from Joral, who was a brave and wise hunter.

On this fateful day, Jadel was doing a random cleaning of the house. While he was cleaning Judan's room which now belongs to him, he came across a box that was hidden in the corner of the room. He was afraid to touch it so he ran and called Rosabel. Rosabel and Jadel went to Juden's room and she saw the box Jadel was pointing at. She became afraid but Jadel as the brave one had to use one mind to open the box. Rosabel then sat down because she was old and she couldn't stand too much. Jadel opened the box and they were both surprised by what they saw inside the box.

In it were a book and a key. Jadel then took the books and wanted to read them. Rosabel told him to read aloud because she could no longer see Jadel read the book aloud, there was a map and a short note which was written about three staff who belonged to the town named Lagma (Judan's land). He read further that if anyone gets to find it he will be crowned the king and also lagma will be one of the most respected towns ever. Immediately Jadel was done reading, Rosabel stood and told Jadel that "you are the chosen one". Jadel was shocked at this statement, Rosabel then told Jadel to get prepared in the next three days he would live for the journey of destiny.

After Jadel had his breakfast, he ran to Joral, his best friend. Jadel then told him they needed to talk and without a doubt, Jadel took Joral to his room. Jade then told him to prepare that in the next two days they are both going for the journey. Joral got home and he wasn't comfortable, he could not even eat but he was busy thinking about the journey since he had no one to share it with as he had lost his parents during the war. While Joral was thinking, Jadel was busy preparing for the 'journey of Destiny'. Joral then made up his mind that he will follow Jadel.

Rosabel gave Jadel some pieces of ADVICE.

Now on the third day, Jadel and Joral were both ready for the journey, they took all they needed for the journey. Tears rolled down Rosabel's eyes as she prayed for the two young friends. After the prayers Jadel then hugged Rosabel, then Jadel and Joral took their spear and began the 'journey of destiny'
In another town was a herbalist who knew about the three staff. The herbalist then ran to the king of his town and informed him about it. The king of this town being a selfish one sent for his warriors and he told them to get prepared that they were going for a journey. The next day, the warriors had gotten to the king's palace, all prepared for the battle and the king told them they would attack two boys whose names are Joral and Jadel that the warriors should bring to both of them alive. The king's daughter whose name was Ramal overheard the king's discussion with the warrior and she felt bad about her father's selfish attitude.

Jadel and Joral walked for 2 years and they came across a rock which they sat and discussed. Joral told Jadel that "we have walked for 2 years and we have not gotten to where we are going". As they were still discussing, the warriors surrounded them. Jadel quickly hid the book and the keys under the rock they were sitting on before they got captured. When they got to the king's palace, the herbalist immediately recognized jadel and joral. The herbalist asked them about the book and the key, both of them said nothing (a game). The king ordered the warriors to beat both of them until they confessed and they should both be locked up in prison. The king's daughter, Ramal felt pity and she planned in her mind that she would help both of them out of prison. Ramal went to her father and tried to talk to her father but her father had a selfish heart and refused to hear or heed her, but rather sent her away with anger. He then called the senior warrior and 15 other warriors to guard the prison so that Jadel and Joral won't escape.

Ramal got worried as she thought of what to do, since this is the 5th-day Jadel and Joral are here and have not eaten anything. Then one of her maids saw her worried and she walked up to her to find out what was wrong with her. Ramal trusted this maiden and explained everything to her. Then the maiden told Ramal to give them warriors sleeping pills which Ramal truly placed in palm wine. She gave them the palm wine pretending to appreciate them. After a few minutes they all slept off and then she called the maiden and they unlocked the prison and told Jadel and Joral to run for their lives. Thank God the light of the moon did not show up that night, or else they would have been caught. She gave them two horses loaded with food and water.
Ramal helped Jadel and Joral on the horse and they ran as fast as they could. Ramal and her maiden ran back to their chambers. Early the next day, the king decided to come to check the prison and he found that the prison gate was open and the warriors were still sleeping. The king got angry and he called the senior warrior that they should go and search for Jadel and Joral which they left and also ran faster but they could not find them. Ramal and her maiden rejoiced when they heard that they could not find them.

Jadel and Joral ran towards the rock and Jadel got down and he picked up the key and the book before they continued their journey. After 2 years they came across the cave which they had been looking for. They rejoiced and they both approached the door but waited for the moon light to show up since one of the rules is that the gate can only be opened during the moonlight. Then Jadel opened the gate of the cave immediately after they saw the shadow of the moonlight after staying for another five days. Immediately, they saw an ancient eagle who has lived over 500 years and the eagle called their names without asking them. They got frightened then the eagle told them to calm down and they did because they were brave. The eagle then took them to where the three staff were, and they saw that they were shining and glowing looking attractive. Jadel took the three staff and gave them to Joral to hold them. Then the eagle gave Jadel a diamond ring while Joral a golden ring and he told them to go, immediately they left the cave the eagle died.

They both started another journey back home. On their way, they came across a big and long snake. Joral sighted it and he came down from the horse and as he was about to approach it the snake raised its head and bit Joral. Jadel saw this and he ran to help his friend and killed the snake. All Jadel could do to help him was to apply first aid. Then Jadel helped him on his horse so they continued their journey. After two days they started moving close to their town (lagma), but Joral was already weak and he died that night which made Jadel cry bitter tears. Jadel buried his best friend and made a covenant that when he becomes the king he will build his palace where he buried his friend and he will make sure that a feast is being taken place the day his best friend died. Jadel wasn't himself that night but he continued his journey and he rode his horse with anger, after a day's journey he got to Lagma which he had arrived in.

Immediately Rosabel heard the voice of Jadel and shouted his name then Jadel ran to meet Rosabel. Rosabel hugged him and she died slowly on Jadel's arm. Jadel cried in pain that he couldn't eat for about 7 days because he was consumed with the bitterness of losing his mother and best friend.

After six months he called for an elders meeting and he brought out his staff. The elders shouted and said many people have tried but they failed. Some of the elders praised him while some were jealous and got angry and said why can't Jadel inform them before he left, Jadel apologized. The next day people gathered together because of the fast spread of news and even some people from other villages came to witness the event. Jadel was crowned the king. When Ramal heard the news, she came in and hugged him. They were both happy together. He then made an order that the king's palace should be moved to where he buried his best friend. Some of the elders were objecting to his request, but he placed it to be an order which they must obey. He also said he will marry the king's daughter Ramal. Then she agreed and the people shouted with joy and Jadel cried because his friend and his mother could not witness this.

The moon went dark bright that night, an overwhelming sound was heard, a sound that brought calmness, peace. A sound that pronounced accomplishment. It was the sound of a prince (Jadel's son)
The town was filled with peace and joy and they all lived happily ever after.

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