Deep In The Mind Of An Artist


Deep In The Mind Of An Artist

Mr Patel has a little daughter who has love and passion for artwork. The day cannot pass her by without making two drawings. He just loves drawing and painting. She went to a painting school which got her perfect in the field of drawing. She is Mona. Her mates are just learning in the field of painting or else she is the best among his equals. One day Mona went to a painting competition with several artists where she qualified for the second round.

One day, she was just making a painting from her imagination and painted a guy who she has not seen in her life. She got enticed by what she was drawing and also got focused with passion. She concentrated while making the drawing. She went to the extent of telling her parents to give her the privacy that she was practicing for her upcoming competition. She told her parents not to disturb her while making the drawing. Indeed, her parents only bring in food for her. Mona truly got emotional while making the drawing. The fact remains that she was only making the drawing in preparation for her forthcoming competition but later saw the painting to be perfect. She dedicated all her life and strength while making the painting and indeed it was cute and nice.

After finishing the drawing, Mona decided to place it in her room and started gazing at it all day. She got attached to this very painting so much that even when sleeping, she is always imagining the guy she drew. She saw the painting as something that will be real in the long run and started developing strong feelings that one day she was very sure to see someone who must have this face. When her parents came back from work, they met Mona gazing at the painting for so long that she did not notice that her parents were back home and busy observing her with the way she was gazing at the painting. Hope you are ok, Mona? Her parents asked her with all seriousness. Mona responded with shock "I'm alright Daddy, Mom I'm ok. I'm just too over-excited with the painting I have made". This painting is so nice and great. I truly love this painting and so, I decided to gaze at it. Mona could not hold it to give a name to the painting she made. She named her painting Pearl just because the name flashed to her memory. She began to call her painting Pearl.

Anytime she is off for work, she always remembers Pearl. The truth is that anytime she sneezed, the only name that kept on reflecting in her memory is Pearl. This got her so much closer and glued to her painting.

When she went to the competition the following morning, she was chosen as the best artist out of the multitudes that went for the competition. This got her name painted all over the walls and streets in her country

Mona became popular and well known. Everyone wants to have contact with her and wants to take pictures with her just because of her position and the victory in the competition. No female has ever won this competition in the history of her country, but Mona was so lucky to have this opportunity. Her parents became happy and proud of her.

Pearl was another artist from another town. He is a good painter and someone who can paint any kind of drawing he sees. Pearl painted a girl who she has not met before and decided to say to himself that this is the girl he will love to marry. Pearl was so passionate about the painting he made. He told her parents that until he finds this girl, he will not marry. One day, he was given a painting in a company to make a painting of the head of the company. Pearl went to the city to attend the call and indeed. It was a coincidence while going to this company.

Mona on the other hand was called by the same manager of the company to make a painting of his wife. His means, Pearl was to make a painting of the manager while Mona was to make the painting of the manager's wife. When Mona got to the office to attend to the manager's call, she saw the unexpected. It was a great day for the both of them as they kept on staring at each other just as if they had met before. They never wanted to release their faces and gazed at each other not until the manager came in and cut off the eye to eye contact they were having.

They met with the manager and we were given their respective tasks and they billed the manager some tangible amount of money. The manager added some tangible amount of money to the initial amount of money they billed. They were both happy and indeed smiled together as if they had met each other before. Pearl just needs to clear her mind and so decided to ask her to join him for dinner which Mona did accept. When they got to the eatery, Mona called him Pearl which indeed is his name but only his parents do call him that name. He was surprised to hear the name. Pearl on the other hand called her "Mona!!!". This was a special day for them.

Mona began to open up the kind of painting she made and she has been hazing at this painting ever since she drew it. She said further that she even went to the extent of making the painting "Mona". Mona explained further that she has been gazing at this painting ever since she made it and told herself that she must meet this guy one day. Pearl smiled and also narrated the way he made a painting of a girl she knew nothing about and she promised his parents that if he did not meet this girl he would not get married to anyone. He later added that he gave the painting "Mona". They both smiled at each other and they were happy together. When Mona took Pearl to her house, her parents were shocked to see Pearl. Immediately, Mona's mother ran to Mona's room to pick up the painting that Mona made and was gazing and comparing this painting with the face of Pearl. Mona, you have found the guy finally. Now you will not gaze at the painting instead will be gazing at Pearl.

Pearlkel begged Mona's parents to release Mona for him to take to meet his parents. They did not argue, instead gave him their permission. When they got to Pearl's house, the parents were also shocked to see Mona. Immediately, they both echoed "Mona!!!". Is that your name? Mona responded, yes sir and yes ma'am.

Mona was happy being with Pearl and indeed they both sat in Pearl's painting lab and made the paintings of the manager and his wife. They perfectly made the drawing and indeed it was as if they were taken from the lab through the photographer. When they got to the manager's office, they dropped the paintings. As the manager opened the package, he was so touched and was happy to see those paintings which looked so real. Did you both take photos of these or painted them? The manager asked. They were painted with passion sir. They both responded. And the manager added more money to their balance. He was so happy with the paintings he got from them. The manager told them he will be paying them both monthly some certain amount of money. They were so happy.

The two lovers got married after three months. They were so perfect being together and their families were also happy with their children's union.

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