Concrete Evidence


The job of a photographer is not an easy one and not the one we should joke with because they can go the extra mile to have things done. They are the ones who can easily get some secrets which may be hidden. Hongdong is a country with people of corrupt minds and some people who are just few good eggs among the body ones. Politicians are taking and claiming citizen's rights, making them suffer in their own country. As a result, many of the citizens are not ready to stay in the country but want to leave for other countries. Asira is a president of Hongdong who is living among the corrupt politicians. He has been the best president ever but after spending one year in office, he became just like every other politicians. He was corrupt and made the country to be the best corrupt country of it's time. Many people have been trying to come put to bring down the corrupt politicians most especially the media, the journalists and the lawyers. Would Hongdong be safe again?

Xon is a photographer who loves his job to the fullest. He has a girlfriend who always assists him in all his jobs and sometimes he always leaves some of his work for her to do as a trusted person. She is by the name Shalom. Shalom has a great dream to be a great photographer one day. She never wanted to leave her passion which is the major reason she is always going out to help Xon in all his photographic work and learn more about photography. Shalom is someone who has this zeal to face her job which she is learning. Her parents have told her to stop this photographic work but she refused telling her parents that it is her call. No one can stop her from doing this work and she told her parents that she is going to excel in this job and would be known all over the corners of Hongdong.

I'm Shalom and know what is right for me and my job. I never take nonsense and can never be rude to people except when someone annoyed me to the last level or else, I'm jovial with everyone around. Xon happened to send me to cover a wedding ceremony to know if I'm perfect enough to have my own shop. I went to the party to cover the it and was able to do the perfect job as expected by my boss, Xon. After the job, he decided to open up to me that he is going to send me forth and will set me up by opening a ship for me. Xon did not jump over his words but gave me what I needed and did what he said for me. He made me independent and gave me all what I needed to make a living. My parents were not comfortable with the path I'm following but I had to because it is my call.

After 6 months of having my shop, Xon called me to ask if I could take up a job. He was fixed up and cannot handle the job that was given to him at that moment. I accepted and immediately, the details of what I'm to do was sent to me. It was a dinner party organized by the politicians. They only wanted to use this medium for something else and so gave it a name as a dinner party. Now, I got to the party to cover all what they are doing. I began my covering before the party by making sure that everything is perfect. After 1 hour, everyone began to show up to the dinner party without anything except their cars. As a photographer, I need to do a neat job so that I called whenever they are having something to be covered.

The party started with all the members being introduced and each of them are great politicians and top men. While the party was going on, I felt pressured and I needed to free myself. So, the apprentice that went with me had to continue from the very place I stopped while I found my way to the restroom. While going to ease myself, I saw some politicians in a separate room and with the look of things, they did not close the room door. I could not wait since I was pressed and then went on my way. When I was true, I saw some other politicians coming out from the room with nylon. Some were going in while some were coming out. I had no choice other than to video them since I was with one camera after leaving one with my apprentice. I decided to cover their immoral acts.

I said to myself that this party was not done ordinarily but to share the national cake. So, after the party, I was not myself and was contemplating whether to erase the video or to expose it. I just made up my mind to leave it but in secret with me and only me.

Meanwhile, election was at hand and someone who has been so good to me and helpful to me was part of those who wanted to contest for the post of the house of Senate. He has been so helpful to me and to the people in my locality. He has seen bribery as something sinful and does not want to see anyone get involved with this act. Most times, Mr Mba was a man of his words and someone who always reports illegal acts. Everyone in the community loves him to the fullest but may not be able to vote for him just because of the love for money everyone has in the country.

Senator Marcia has been in the House of Senate for two terms and still has the intention of going for the third time. He has never done anything good in the locality and all the allocations given to him were not properly used and were even not used instead he used them for his personal gain. He only shows up in the community when it is time for elections. This time, I was able to make up my mind to stand by Mr Mba to win the election and I did it with all my powers.

I later went through the video to see for myself again what the politicians did and who were present right there. To my surprise, Senator Marcia was the leader of those who shared the money. Meanwhile, this money shared was suspicious one just because of the fact that it was shared after the allocations of budgets to each state in Hongdong. This means the money they shared was money allocated to our community.

After two months, it was time for election, and Senator Marcia has influence while Mr Mba does not but has the trust of his people. I went to Mr Mba's house and I was entertained to the fullest. So, I asked him how far things are going with the present election, to which he replied "I just trust God or else, Senator Marcia may win just because of his dubious act. I asked him, "do you know that you can win this election? Do you also know that you have a cheerful heart? And do you know that your people love you to the fullest? After asking him these questions, he was somehow confused and said to me that "how am I going to win the election when those I have trusted are going to meet up with Senator Marcia for a bribe. I replied to him that I have something that can make you win only if you promise me not to expose me and to be our savior. I added that when you have been elected, just try to do your best in order to bring our people what they have once wanted and the joy they have once longed for.

I'm always afraid of the politicians, but to you I have confidence that you will help the people and the people of the whole of Hongdong which will make your name reigns. So, I gave him the video and told him to call his lawyer to give this to him in order for him to see his evil deeds. After giving Senator Marcia this piece of evidence, he was confused and did not know what to do other than to drop his ticket. This gave Mr Mba the opportunity to win the election.

My question now is that , if you are in my shoes, what will you do with the piece of evidence with you?

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