The Destiny of Obiagu the great warrior — The Inkwell writing prompt

Fearless they say simply means being free from fear, but Obiagu —Meaning the Lion's heart, was not just free from fear but was the real definition of being bold, courageous, gallant,brave, manful, and valorous. No matter how dreadful a place might be, Obiagu is the only one in Nkwere Kingdom that has the mind to enter such a place and get done what needs to be done. A feature that made him the most feared warrior not only in Nkwere but the neighbouring kingdoms.


Obiagu is not only fearless but is blessed with extraordinary strength by the gods of the land. His strength can be compared to that of Samson in the bible. Nkwere Kingdom has never gone to any war with Obiagu without being victorious. A reason behind the common saying in some neighbouring kingdoms that the fear of Obiagu is the beginning of prosperity in the land.

King Okeke is the king of Nkwere kingdom and has asked the gods to bless him with a male child that will be the heir to his throne, but the gods have given no listening ear to his request. Ezemmou (eyes of the gods) what shall I do? The gods of our land have refused to give me an heir, I have done everything as they instructed me to, but it seems they have turned their backs to my family, the king asked the native doctor.

The gods are wise, their silence shouldn't be taken as their incompetence, after the next seven market days, the gods will let you know of what you are to do. The Ezemmou said as he walks away.

A night to that fateful day, the king couldn't sleep as he was wondering what could be the response of the gods. Very early in the morning, the Ezemmou was already at the palace to see the king. Igwe, the gods have finally spoken, he said to the king. Speak Ezemmou, tell me what the gods want me to do, the king replied.

The gods said you will have no son but there will be an heir to the throne. To fairly choose this heir, you will conduct a fighting competition among the youths of Nkwere kingdom on the next Nkwo market day. Everyone in Nkwere kingdom will gather at the market square at night when the light of the moon is at its peak, to watch the competition. The gods have spoken, Ezemmou concludes as he walks away.

The king was speechless for more than two minutes. But as a king chosen by the gods, he has no other option than to obey the gods. So he sent the town crier to help convey the message to the people of Nkwere kingdom.

It was obvious that Obiagu would be the winner of the competition, as he is the strongest warrior in Nkwere and has never lost a fight before. The rumour that Obiagu would be the next king has been everywhere in the community.

On that fateful day, all the people of Nkwere gathered at the village square when the light of the moon was at its peak, awaiting the commencement of the competition. The Ezemmou came, did the necessary incantations as he declares the competition open. Obiagu was the only contestant, as no body agreed to compete with him. Is there nobody worthy to challenge me? Where are the able youths of Nkwere, if you are a man, why not come and challenge me, Obiagu boasted.

Emeka the son of Aguata was fed up with all Obiagu's utterances, and decided to challenge him. ' I Emeka, the son of Ichie Aguata will challenge you, Obiagu", he said as he walks out from where he was standing. On hearing this, Ichie Aguata, rushed out and called on his son, "Chukwuemekam, why have you decide to bring shame upon me your father, don't know who you want to challenge? This is Obiagu the greatest warrior Nkwere Kingdom has ever had, do you want to die?" He said. Papa, it is a taboo that I will be here and no one is ready to challenge Obiagu. I would rather die than stay here and witness this shame. Emeka replied his father.

The fight commenced on the order of the Ezemmou. And fortunately, everything turned out in Emeka's favour, as he defeated Obiagu. Everyone was shocked and couldn't believe what had happened.

The gods have made their choice, Emeka the son of Ichie Aguata, shall be the new king of Nkwere kingdom, Ezemmou said. As for you Obiagu the greatest warrior, the gods said I should tell you that you are the pride of Nkwere kingdom, you are a warrior and a warrior you shall remain. A war is coming and you will bring victory to our land. Your legacy will live forever in the history of Nkwere. It is your destiny to fight and die for your people. Ezemmou concludes.

Afterwards, the people sang and danced till dawn.

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