The battle of the gods

The fight between Umuaku and Umueze community has taken a new dimension, as the fight that began with the young able men of the communities is now been fought by the ladies, as the young men remaining are now very few due to the war. Looking at the rate at which the war was consuming their future husbands, the ladies of Umuaku and Umueze communities separately converged at different locations where they concluded they won't be idle and watch the war consume all their young men and render them spouseless on the long run. Hence they joined the war, as they get their training from the few still remaining.
Upon fighting for more than 2 months, none among the two communities can boast of victory, as the number of casualties are very similar on both sides. The efforts of the kings and their cabinets towards putting a stop to the war have been of no vail. However, in their last meeting, they concluded they would be consulting a native doctor (dibia) from another community to know what the gods have to say about the unending nature of the war. On the nkwo market day, as agreed in the meeting, the representatives of the two communities met at the designated location before going to see the dibia. After communicating the reason for their visit to the dibia, he made some enchantments while throwing three dice on the ground. "The great battle of the gods!" he shouted out in praise to the gods, , "this war is to be fought for 4 months, after which the birth of the future king of both Umuaku and Umueze community will miraculously bring about the end of the war" he continued. "This is in fulfillment of the prophecy that a great war will occur between the two communities, which will usher in the the birth of the great king that will rule over Umuaku and Umueze communities" the dibia said. Out of annoyance and disappointment, Mr. Okoro, stood up and asked, "eyes of the gods, if truly this war is of the gods, why then are they not fighting it themselves?". "How dare you question the gods?" the dibia angrily asked Mr. Okoro, "the words of the gods are clear, never you question the wisdom of the gods!" he concluded.

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"We all are tired of this war, we have lost enough to the war. How many of our children will have to loose their lives before the gods put an end to this war, do they want to wipe away the whole communities before they stop the war?". They murmured as they leave the shrine angry and disappointed. On getting home, the message was passed to the two kings. Out of options on what next to do, they decided to wait on the gods. At the night of the 4th month of the war, upon the appearance of the full moon, a boy was given birth to in Umueze community, at the first cry of the baby, there was a heavy rainfall accompanied with lightening and thunder. The rainfall lasted for 2 and half days, after which the war came to an end. The prophesy has been fulfilled, they all dance in joy and happiness as they pay homage to the new born king. "The gods are wise" the elders said in praise of the gods!

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