Family Affliction


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Ronnie gathered up the woods he split and cut with his ponderous long axe which was inherited from his grandfather centuries ago after his father's tragic death, he wiped off the rigorous amount of sweat trickling down his face caused by the scorching sun following a prolonged audible yawn accompanied by stretching his arms to the reflex action.

Ronnie sat down on a log of wood that's placed right under the orange tree opposite the direction where he splits the woods, memories of his father swooped in immediately the natural wind blew directly towards him.

He remembered a significant memory when his father took him to the woods in search of Hank the dog who went awol after being seen whining strangely and barking noisily, she was a beautiful brave pet whom my father cherished so much.

The search became intense after seeing trails of blood lined up interval on the path that leads deeper into the woods, he whispered to Ronnie to watch his footstep and thread carefully then came this sound of rustling behind Ronnie, his heart skipped a bit as he turned towards the direction in a defence position to attack whatsoever that was coming behind him, all of a sudden there was utmost serenity in the environment.

He became extremely cautious while he keeps shivering within himself, he stood still wondering where to channel his focus until he noticed a spot where he suspected something piscine, he looked closely and saw the leaves stained with blood, he beckon to his dad with hand gestures and a worrisome face to check out the vicinity, his father tiptoed slowly as he was hell-bent on finding hank, what he saw shocked him, Ronnie noticed his father's eyeball popped out in horror, he went forward to see for himself before he was snapped back to his state of consciousness by Sidney.


Are you okay, Ronnie !!??

I have been waving my hand across your face for over five minutes, you sure you good huh?

Ronnie nodded in agreement and smiled!!

Sidney continued...I have come to pick up the firewood I deposited some cash for, erm here's your one more thing Ronnie, I would appreciate it if you deliver these using your truck. I need to pick up Kimberly from school....could you?

Yeah! sure thing Sid!!


That mention of “truck" triggered an emotional memory that made a teardrop from his eyes, he wiped it off unnoticed, hank was seen torn half apart by some strange unknown creature leaving his lifeless body spread like the ones in the slaughterhouse, Ronnie's dad wept silently as he brought hank's body home to be buried properly, he kept repeating this words “Det er ikke hvad jeg tror", intensely with an increasing volume until he screams it louder hitting the truck with the shovel in a fury manner ... Ronnie has never witnessed his dad speaking Danish but heard of it from his mom who passed away years ago. His father detests the culture and tradition of his very father, who is Ronnie's Grandpa!

He could decipher the language which means “It is not what I think” what could he be thinking, what's he running from These thoughts made Ronnie weary!

He snapped out of his thoughts and vision back to reality, he loaded some firewoods in his truck and drove them to Sidney's home, he unloaded them at the top of an unused wardrobe which was dumped outside to get direct sunlight!

Time after Time, day after day, Ronnie kept having strange nightmares which troubled him greatly. Most times he would stay awake all night to avoid these nightmares or terrible dreams from repeating themselves!

...sometimes it's a shrieking sound that sends a shiver down his spine, cries of people who were in agony, shadows of ugly and shapeless creatures creeping behind the woods, his father beckoning on him for help!

This started occurring to me when I had visions weeks back when I went down the memory lane of my dad. A few times I see myself in a strange land, am even scared of my own home, I see foggy things, even imaginations and I don't know what's real anymore!... Ronnie wondered in his thoughts.

These events keep persisting and Ronnie summoned the courage to see a clairvoyant ... After much distance travel and inquiries about where a powerful and predictable clairvoyant would be, he stumbled across a small community located in the region of Southern Schleswig in northern Germany, unknowing to him it's where he originated from.

He was welcomed by a boisterous voice before he could even enter the stale and dank hut filled with ancient items of all kinds like horn, unicorn asf, and the smell of frankincense ...
He was still standing at the entrance of the hut while he looked straight deep inside, Ronnie tilted his face both sideways looking for the owner or whosoever that dwells there but couldn't find anyone, who just spoke?!! He turned immediately to leave, only to be jolted by the sudden appearance of a strange old woman. Ronnie almost screamed when the strange woman displayed a gesture by placing her first finger on her lips signifying...silence... as she made her way inside the hut, Ronnie followed!

Ronnie began narrating his worries about his nightmares when the strange woman abruptly stopped him by saying... " before you come here my child, the oracles have told me all of it!" this is what you must do, listen carefully...

...your grandfather was mandated to finish a task given to him by his father and the oracles of this land, he completed quite a few of them but died during the process, it was then passed down to your father who refuses accomplishing anyone, this cost him his wife (I), his precious dog (Hank) and his tragic death caused by torments and suffering the oracles inflicted, he was seen as a man who lost his sanity and now it has been passed down to you when you opened the portal leading to the memories of your father!

Ronnie's mouth opened in awe and shock, his facial expression made the clairvoyant (his mom) tell him ...yes I am your mom, when I died your father didn't bury me, in my dying breath I pray to any force or spiritual being out there to save me because I have a son who needs to be taking care of and I gave up the ghost, I woke up years later as an old woman and also confined within this territory only to be liberated if you inherit this task by choice and fulfilled what your grandfather and your father failed to achieve! Whenever you have this nightmare, brace yourself and allow that strange creature to hold you and your mission begins!

Ronnie left as thoughts filled his head..this was exactly how his late father died as he was connecting the dots... he nods remorsefully!

Ronnie did as instructed and embraced his darkest fears and worst torment, he liberated his mom who later shift shaped into her natural state and freed his father's spirit from the everlasting torment of the gods.


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