Royal Temptation.



In the olden days there was peace and harmony amongst the igbo's of the east. And this was because of a town situated in the middle of all eastern states. This town was simply known as "Obodo", a place of milk, honey and endless opportunities for that Era. The town was ruled by a great king who had two sons. For a very long time they ruled over the people peacefully without any conflict, till king Dike fell seriously ill.

There was panic and fear in the whole Igbo Land as everyone feared that their king may die. It was no different in the royal palace as the two prince's Kene and Ife were also scared to lose their father. So they made a decree, summoning all the strong herbalists in Igbo Land, and a big reward was set aside for anyone that could cure the king.

The day finally came and all the strongest herbalists gathered in the palace, they all came into the inner chamber one by one to try and cure the king. But none of them could find the cause of the sickness. Until it finally came to the turn of a very young medicine man. In fact Kene and Ife had a little laugh when they saw him come into the room. The young herbalist made some strange incantations and announced to them that their fathers sickness was from the ancestors and it couldn't be cured until his staff of authority was retrieved from the evil forest. The two prince's laughed, they thought it was a joke. " My fathers staff of authority is right in his personal chambers, so what are you saying?''Kene, the oldest prince said in an intimidating way. " Let's just hear what he has to say", Ike replied. The young herbalist continued and explained to them what he actually meant. The two prince's would have to embark on a journey into the evil forest to retrieve the staff, it was sent there by the ancestors because they were angry with the king and if it wasn't returned in the next two days the king would pass away.

Fear filled the heart of Kene and Ike as they also confirmed that the staff was actually gone.

The sons set out into the forest in search of the staff. When they were about a half a day into the forest, they met a very old woman with a big basket on her back. She begged them for help, saying her house was just close by. But prince Kene refused saying that was not why he risked his life to come into the evil forest. " We could just help her out, since she said her place is not too far from here". Ike said. " That's your business, you can help her, I am here to look for father's staff not help an old woman", Kene said as he continued with his journey. Ike decided to assist the old woman to her hut which was actually not far at all. When they got there he dropped the basket inside her hut and came out. But when he did he couldn't find the old woman, all he could see was a very beautiful young woman. She told him not to be scared, she was a white witch and she knew where his father's staff was.

She told Prince Ike, about an ancient tree, one planted by the gods. In that tree lay his father's staff of authority. She gave him a charm, and she told him to wave the charm in front of the tree, once he did it would be released by the ancestors. Ike happily accepted the charm and thanked the witch for her assistance. He set out in search of the tree of the gods and In about 6 hours he found it in the middle of the forest. He got out the special charm and did as he was told, it disappeared and in exchange the staff was released by the gods. Ike felt so much joy in his heart, his father was not going to die after all, but where was his elder brother Kene. Suddenly Ike heard a strange voice, and it sounded like it was coming from the tree. " Your brother Kene is wounded and slowly dying somewhere in this forest, for your good deed I shall grant you one wish, either you save your brother or I send you home immediately to become the next hare to the throne". Ike was so confused, the offer was so tempting, he could just leave his ungrateful wicked brother and go back to his father as the hare and savior, he wouldn't have to go through all the sufferings of carrying him back home. But something deep down prevented Ike from picking the throne over his blodd. He asked the strange voice to lead him to his brother and he saved him, carrying him on his back all the way back to the town.

Immediately they got into the palace with the staff. The king's health was restored and He declared that Ike was to be the new hare to the throne.

The End..

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