On The Arms Of Grace

Boredom can cause an explosion in the mind, this time I mean the silent explosion of wanting something you just can't figure out.
There I was walking in about in the garden, it had rained three days ago and I had not found the time to take a walk around the estate, my mind had been preoccupied with nothing.
Don't look surprised, there I always say I the study trying to make sense as i stare at my screens scribbling for words.
It only became glaring to me that I need it.

There were particles of water on some of the flowers but a certain life had sprung up from a tree that was cut down some years ago.
My eye didn't catch it at first as my my was empty to any reasoning but there it was staring at me to taking its intricacies into heart.
I recall telling Mr. Brock to cut it down to a sitting height because it was just in the middle.
At the point I recalled what I instructed Mr. Brock, I had an epiphany that I was caught in the middle trying to make all things work all at once.
Life is one at a time not trying to do a lot collectively and simultaneously.

Oh, this look beautiful, the words that came to mind as I took steps forward to bend a look closely at the new life.
At this point, it all started piecing together that I had been too hard on myself wanting more and more without getting through with what was right in front of me.


I called the life that had sprung up Grace, that was all I needed.
I needed to take a different approach at getting things done.
Clearly, I had been a burden to myself getting exhausted and still wanting to do more.
What if I hadn't been working remotely from home, what would have been my case?

Just take it easy there, the words I heard while taking a walk inside the house.

Turning around, I could see no one, no one but myself so I shunned the voice a continued on my way.

You saw me differently so you have to see yourself differently I heard again and the voice was louder and deeper than the first time but I could tell it was the same person.

Who's there? I said calmly because I knew I was the only one here.

Down here, here I am, the voice remained loud and deep as I remained in my position startled this time as I could feel the breeze on my skin.

There's no way you could be the one talking, I said jokingly to Grace as I moved closer to confirm for myself.

*What do you think now? the voice was calmer as I stood in front of the cut down tree with a new flower springing out.

Remain calm and let yourself have the rest that you need, you work too hard that you refuse resting thinking that you'd stop.
Use me as a yardstick, Mr. Brock cutting me down and giving a wrong speculation that I'd never grow again but here I am.

I just stared and listened, I don't even know why I'm listening but here I was been locked up for days without rest and nothing productive was achieved.

I could feel a light touch on my arm as I opened up my eye to my screen shining light brightly and there she was standing by my side, Grace having returned from her trip before the set time.

You really need a break, Grace said, * I've been back a while I had to cook something as I found you deep in your sleep.

Damn, you wouldn't believe what just happened, I said staring at Grace and reminiscing on the voice in my dream, it was really Grace.

Thanks for visiting my blog, till next time.

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