Stage Fright


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Jack was starting to panic, his hands were shaking, his head spinning, and it felt as though he couldn't breath. How was he going to climb on stage and perform in front of this many people?


Ever since Jack was little he had a passion for music. His mother would often joke that when he was born, rather than cry he sang. He would always drum, hum, or sing at the slightest opportunity. When his dad noticed he showed genuine interest in music, he bought him a little guitar. Jack's love for the guitar was instant. Even though he couldn't play at the time, he loved plucking the strings and mimicking songs he'd heard before. Eventually, he had his own mini studio In his garage.

But he had one problem, he was extremely shy. He often found it difficult talking to a lot of people, let alone making music in public. He only made music in his garage studio. Whenever he was asked to sing he'd always come up with an excuse not to, or not sing as good as he normally would. Not because he was trying to, but because he was simply shy.


About three weeks ago he and his best friend, or only close friend who had actually heard him sing, Zach, were in his studio making another beautiful song he didn't want the world to hear. Once they were done, Zach asked if he could take a copy home. He refused at first, but Zach pleaded intensely, and after a while he allowed him, with the condition that he wouldn't let anyone else listen to it. Zach agreed.

A week later, he and Zach were walking through the school hallway when he heard some people listening to his song.

"Is that my song?" He asked Zach

"Uhm, I'm sorry. When I was listening to it in my room, my sister walked in and asked if I could send the song to her. I told her no, but I think she might have collected it from my phone while I was asleep."

"I said no one should hear it, let alone collect it." Jack said angrily

"I'm sorry bro." Zach replied remorsefully

Before the end of the day, different people, whether they were Jack's classmates or not, approached him to tell him how much they liked his song. He felt good that people liked his music, but was still angry with his friend Zach because for whatever reason he didn't want this much attention.


After a while he started receiving special treatment from fellow classmates, seniors, and even teachers. He was starting to enjoy being a star of some sort. He even released two other songs to maintain the attention.

It was until a week ago when the music teacher, Mrs Caroline told him he'd be performing one of his songs at the upcoming graduation ceremony that he realized he hadn't overcome his stage fright. He tried to convince her he couldn't do it but she didn't listen. He began to blame Zach for causing this and in extension himself

"If you hadn't listened to it to the hearing of your sister, this wouldn't have happened. But then again, if I hadn't given you in the first place, none of this would have happened."

He had spent all his free time this week practicing and training for his performance. To others it may have just been a normal presentation that most might forget, but to him it was a concert and everyone was his fan. He was so confident he was going to do well until the ceremony started. As it drew closer to the time he was to perform, he started panicking.

"I can do this, I can do this." He said to himself as he took deep breaths, but it wasn't working he was still very nervous.

Mrs Caroline, the music teacher, noticed he was nervous and approached. "Hey" she said

"Hello ma'am" he replied

"I see you're feeling nervous. You know, it's totally okay to be nervous. Everyone is nervous when they are performing for the first time, but as time goes on it gets easier, and eventually they're no longer nervous."

"Really?" he asked

"Yes. You know, your friend told me about your little guitar you're so fond of, so I spoke with your parents and they brought it. That way you can be more comfortable." She left for like a minute and reappeared with his guitar in her hand

"Here, take it." she said as she handed over his guitar case to him

"Thank you so much, ma'am"

"You're welcome. Just remember, I'm here for you, they're here for you" — she pointed at the audience "we are all here for you. Now go out there and just do you. Do what you would normally do in your garage."

After those words, Jack felt a million times better, the guitar in his hand also made him feel more comfortable. When he was called he was still a bit nervous but he was able to go out and climb the stage.

As he began to sing everyone went silent, it was just him, and his music. And for that moment though he was in a packed hall, it felt as though he was alone in his room, singing his heart out. As he ended his song,the entire hall gave him a standing ovation.

It just so happened that a music producer was part of the audience that day. And that was the start of his music career.



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