Midnight stroll : A short story


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Maria was on her way home, it was just after midnight. She was advised to spend the night in the on-call room but she chose otherwise. "My house is just across the river" she reassured herself. She was called around 10pm to help with a patient. She didn't know she would stay this late.

She checked her watch as she approached the little bridge that ran across the river. She heared a little rumbling. She instinctively turned around, and noticed a man. Though he was a bit far from her, she began to walk faster. She was so immersed in what felt like a chase she didn't see the other man on a scooter driving in her direction. It was until he snatched her purse she knew what was going on.

She stood still, not knowing whether to run away or chase after the man who had stolen her purse.

It was just after midnight. Dan had been having trouble sleeping. He decided he'd take a stroll to the river down the street. He often did this whenever he was having trouble sleeping.

He was resting on the railing staring at his silhouette in the river. He didn't even notice when someone passed. He was just about walking back home when he met someone's gaze from afar. It was a young lady. She turned around and began to walk away quickly. She didn't seem to be paying much attention as her purse was snatched by a guy on a scooter.

The man on the scooter was headed in Dan's direction. Dan knew he had to stop him so he readied himself. As soon as the scooter man got close enough Dan hurled himself unto the man and the scooter. They both landed on the ground and for some seconds there was a brief wrestling match between the two of them. Dan managed to get his arms around the man's neck and caught him in a headlock. The man struggled for some time before biting Dan's hand. Dan winced in pain and let go. The man seized this opportunity and fled, deserting the stolen purse and his scooter.

While all this was going on Maria stood in the background, watching someone else risk their life for her. He lifted the purse and was heading in her direction. She wasn't completely sure he was bringing the purse for her, but she hesitantly stood her ground.

" Here, I believe this belongs to you" he said to her handing her purse over to her.

"Thank you very much" she replied. Still a bit shaken by all that had happened.

"What's a fine lady like you doing on the street at this time of the night". He asked. Almost accusing her for what had happened

"I'm heading home" she said trying not to reveal too much as she didn't trust him. For all she knew he could be even worse than the other guy.

She noticed he was bleeding on his arm.
"you're bleeding" she pointed out

"Oh don't worry about that, I have to get you home. Now, where do you live ". He wiped his arm on his shirt so as to clean the blood on his arm.

She didn't reply at first. But when she looked at his face, she could tell his intentions were pure.

"it's over there" she said, pointing in the direction of a small grey single-storey building ahead of them.

"Great, let's go" he said enthusiastically

The walk to her house was quiet and uneventful.
"Sorry I forgot to ask for your name. My name is Dan" he said as they approached her house

"My name is Maria". She answered. All that was on her mind at the time was to go in, take a bath and get some sleep

"See you around Maria. I stay over there" He pointed at a blue apartment down the road. Near the hospital where she works.

After that night, they met a few times and found out they had a lot in common. Eventually they started dating. And the rest they say is history.

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