Firework ^°


Curling her messy hair and setting them into a ponytail; she stood to visit the gjust. But what about the curls she had in her life, will she be able to love all the miseries. Sara with red gasped eyes glanced into the mirror, I am not Sara; I killed her two years ago. Tears fell from my eyes. Who was accountable for making this delicate Sara depressed and frustrated.
Two years back;

For a moment her heartbeat stopped. The famous presenter of the university was in front of her. She was viewing his lips mumbling some words but what were they Sara was unable to understand. Focusing on his face cut and well-settled hair her eyes moved down oh my gosh he is fabulous. At this moment he was gone. All universe came into the previous position and she heard friends gossiping Sara you are lucky as Zaid wanted your notes for the seminar. What so cane for this purpose she confessed.

Days later;
She found zaid a much interesting guy; loyal; honest and passionate just like his superficial beauty. Their meetings extended and this time she was getting ready for dinner. Dressed up in black with white earnings and a ponytail she was ready to take the stage fire.


Just before leaving the hostel, she informed Fiha that she is going outside, don't inform the family as she didn't want the mess. In lift she met a lady named Kainat, she uttered few words which made Sara furious. Before she would flee the restaurant Zaid confessed her love to Neil down on the ground. She stood up and slapped his face so hard, everyone looked at these love birds. Nothing more happened, Sarah didn't respond to even single text or call.


Fiha came to discuss her matter but she refused to hear it.
Her mom took her back into the world; she met the guest who came for the marriage proposal. She didn't want to see the guy as her trust was no more on this gender. After a while, Fiha came and appealed to Sara to stop don't ruin her life. You are leaving your studies incomplete why you are crushing your dreams. Zaid Stop she yelled don't take that fraud name again. He is responsible for all this. I condemn the moment when he prevailed. Sara was in tears.


Fireworks happened, Sara looked in the sky and asked God why she had such miseries. In this moment of delights just before he was going to become the wife fiha uttered a word and Sara yelled Stop this marriage. The guest looked awkwardly at her yelling behavior. She took away all the accessories she wore; moved to her Dad and asked do you know Zaid. His father expression changed rapidly. He was avoiding this name and person from the previous 23 years. Now his daughter asked it. After hesitation, he confessed yes I had a son, whom I didn't give the name of mine as it was the outcome of my mistake. The well famous personality was committing his sin in front of the whole world. Fireworks stopped: the reason be sue of which Sara left Zaid was the fault of her father. A misunderstanding took the life of two.
Thanks for reading; it's my first time contributing to this community; hopefully you will like my work, your suggestions and recommendations are most welcome.
Ayesha Malik


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