"To the Dragon Rider Jamca'ul" (A Fictional Letter)

A Letter between two friends in a fantasy setting. (Author Notes at the end.)

To the Dragon Rider Jamca'ul

Dear, Jamca'ul. How are you doing?

I'm doing well, likewise my family. I bought a new Dragon for Kol'ian last fall. That was when you wrote to me, right? I just received your letter. Your words were so vivid I can almost see the laugh on your wife's face after you fell and broke your leg.

I'm glad you got better before you wrote. I would've been worried otherwise. Take care of yourself and your family.

Kol'ian wants to learn how to fly as soon as possible. It's Winter now, and I plan on training her come spring. The dragon I mentioned is a female we named Lumi. Kol'ian inherited my uncreativity with names. We laughed as we gave her the name, just like when you laughed as I named my partner Herc.

Building a bond with dragons is important before riding them, so I'm teaching Kol'ian to bond with Lumi. She's too impatient. I'm glad we have a whole winter to keep her in reins.

You mentioned The Drakes in your letter, are they up to no good again? You have a wife to protect now, so don't do anything reckless. Though, I'm sure you've done something now, by the time this letter reaches you.

Having a family taught me there are more important things than adventure, but I guess that doesn't apply when your wife's a former Bandit.

After Kol'ian masters riding Lumi, we plan on visiting you. It'll be her first adventure. What do you think?

Waiting to hear from you soon.

Your partner in crime, Ku'luk.

P.S: Stay away from The Drakes.

The End

Author Notes

This is a story I wanted to participate in in Reedsy's Storywriting Contest. For the prompt "Write a story about two Pen Friends." Unfortunately, I realized the contest had a $5 entry fee, and I wasn't confident this story could win. I decided to publish it on HIVE instead.

The goal of this story was to paint as much as possible about the world only through the content of a letter to a friend. How do you imagine the world's like based on the story? If you had a clear image in your mind I'll consider this story a success. I'd also love it if you smiled while reading some lines, as I did as I wrote it.

The story's drawing took a lot of time, but I'm proud of the result. I wanted the fantasy setting to feel a bit realistic so I based it on my memories of the "How to Train Your Dragon" setting. (If you want a drawing like that for your post(s) I'll do it for HBD payments.)

Thanks for Reading

I want to create more stories in a letter format, so if you liked this one, I hope you follow me to be there when I publish another one of this style. If you're new to my content, please check out my "Where to Start?" article If you already did, thank you.

For now, I leave you until we meet in another story. Salam! (Peace.)

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