Andrea Piacquadio


It was meant to be the best day of your life. You stood at the mirror, smiling and full of joy. After all the nagging and gosips about her single life. You were finally going to get married to the love of her life.
Dennis had come from nowhere (the United States actually) and was about to settle down and he chose you despite the fact that you were way more older than him- 5 years actually. He had swept you of your feet, giving you the most romantic life you could barely afford.

You had both met at the airport and surprisingly, he had asked for your number. He even went as far as looking for where you live and constantly visited. When you confided in your mother about it, she had danced around and said you were finally free from your "spiritual husband" and all the yokes of the "village people" have finally been broken. She also said that it was the prayer session held by Pastor Onwuka that finally ward off "your spiritual husband".

What you didn't tell your mother was that Dennis was 25 years while you were 30. In this part of the world where you come from, it was a taboo that a woman marries a man she's older than.

"You look so pretty." Your friend, Nkiru had awwned as she said you were very pretty. She knew what was going on to and how you have been single for nearly all your whole life. She applied makeup on your face and looked at you with so much admiration. Nkiru was married already and with two children.

You could barely do anything without the fear of Dennis leaving you. He was young and very handsome and everything any young damsel on earth could wish for. Your wedding dress flowed from the pulpit down to the aisle and everyone was in awe of you. You couldn't wait to see the disappointment on the faces of the people that laughed and looked down on you.

Dennis had facetimed you that morning looking so breathtaking on his navy blue suit. He had gisted you about his bachelor party the night before and stressed on how much he can't wait to see you. He also admired your dress and called you the "most beautiful woman in the world". He was in love with you and so you were. If not you both wouldn't be ready to go the family way.

Speaking of family, you still hadn't informed him that you were two months pregnant for him. It was going to be a surprise after the whole wedding thing.

Four hours had chased one another and there was no sign of Dennis. You began to panic as everyone started to get impatient. His number wasn't even going through and his best man and his friends were not even at the church yet.

Your tears had started to wash off the makeup when the pastor had impatiently told your family that he was disappointed. Church members had even started to leave and make jest of you. Your mother held you when almost collapsed in confusion.

"Ozugo (meaning be patient) your husband will still come."

Evening reached and there was still no sign of him. All the guests eventually left and you were left behind with few of your family members. You were still crying when you received an SMS on your phone. It was from Dennis.

"I'm so sorry this had to happen today. One of my new factories abroad had issues and I needed to be present else everything wouldn't fall into place. I'll be back next week and then we can both plan another epic wedding. Hope you forgive me."

You replied with an "okay" because that was the only thing you could do. Breaking up with him wasn't even an option. You would wait till next week even if it takes a year.

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