A Cure To A Land

Quang Nguyen Vinh
A Cure To A Land

A clan is left with no option other than to make special use of what they have to liberate everyone from poverty and also from being sad. A community with no King and without leaders. A community full up with love. A community where everyone can make peace with one another. What do they need to make things right among them? The people are suffering trying hard to render help to one another.

I am Jamal who was banned from my community for what I did not do. My parents were part and parcel of the community before their death. I am a citizen of my town. my parents were banned just like the way I am being banned. Since the community was without leaders or kings I have been living fine without my parents. I was living with my uncle after my parents were banned from the community. I was banned just because of my uncle's death which I have nothing to do with. Uncle Joe was a good man and someone who has taken me as his son. He has never for once acted bad at me and has always treated me just like my father did. His death took me away from my town which I have cherished so much.

After my ban, a terrible event occurred that made my land become a land of disaster. The one's secured land becomes the land of sickness. Everyone in the land began to fall sick and we were going on hunger. This means hunger knows No bounds in my community. The blessed land he came cursed. Despite my ban from the land I still feel sad because This Land Is Mine and we remain mine forever. The fact remains that I have to do something to see my love from their present situation.

I think I have to do something to help myself. land regain its reputation. How am I going to do it? As was contemplating on what to do to save my land, a strange voice came in saying "you are the reason your land is suffering." I was surprised to hear such a voice in this strange land. No one knows my identity and I have not for once seen anyone who knows me. I responded to the strange voice "who are you and how did you know what I was thinking?" The voice repeats itself by answering my question "I am the god of your land and I have been protecting you up till this moment. So, the time has come for you to go back to your land as the land has been vacant for decades now. They need you to be their king." I told the strange voice to explain to me the reason why I will be accepted in the land and how I will now be made the king of my land after I've been banned. The voice said to me "I have been watching you and know how to start and where to start from. All you need to do is to go back home and your coming will be a blessing to them all".

When it was Dawn, I headed to my hometown where my people had been waiting for my return. To my surprise, they have set up a search team to look for me as they have been given different revelations that I'm the only one who can save my land. So, it was a warm welcome as they saw me coming. I was just like the king of the land and indeed all my people began to hail me and address me as their king. Indeed I was surprised to hear this and did not know what to say to them. When I was allowed to talk, I asked them to tell me the reason why they were calling me all these names where I'm not their king? One of them said to me that I'm their king and I have nothing to say about it as their God has directed them and told them what to do.

After two weeks of my return, everything that seemed wrong began to become better and better was brought back to my land. The sun that was initially lost began to shine on them and the whole of the community members was happy. Happiness that has been removed from them was brought back and we all lived in peace.

After one month, I was inaugurated as the king of my land. Peace knows no bound in my land and we all lived

So, I'm the only one who has brought goodies to my land. I made the once lost glory back on track.

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