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What a great day it is! Today marks the day where inMobigraph joins the fun of creating content and insights of the world straight from a mobile lens. And as you may have guessed, Mobigraph is a combination of the words; Mobile and Photography. Thus, merging into one - Mobigraph. Quite clever right?

inMobigraph, like A Daily Dose", is a former blog series written and published by imawreader. Although it had only a few blog posts, it is now decided that it should have a personal blog like A Daily Dose".

There are lots of things to discover and to share. One by one, let's explore and create a beautiful journey along the way. See you in the community, and stay tuned!

imawreader's POV

Yo! You might be thinking what's this another blog I've created... or do you not? Anyway, if someone out there knew me from before, they know that I like to keep my things organized. And so I did create a separate blog for A Daily Dose". And now, for inMobigraph. Although, probably there wouldn't be any since I only do have few friends in the community. And the fact that I am blogging on and off, it's most likely that they don't know I'm still active. Plus with the sudden change in Steem before, some may have left already. Who knows? I still don't know yet since I've recently just come back as well.

Now returning to the topic, Voilà! I created inMobigraph's blog! I was thinking about this even before but it's only now that I get to do that. A Daily Dose" had got its blog first, so I think it's fine to have another one.

Apart from writing, I do have a love for Photography. But I am not that professional in it, so don't expect great shots! Oops! 🤭

I'll be using my mobile phone to share these images with the world because I think it's more personal that way. Not that I'm saying images from a camera aren't personal, but I just want to believe that inMobigraph would kinda feel that way.

Stop right there! Don't think that it's just my flimsy excuse to justify what I said.

Ehmm! (clears throat) 🤭
No really, I just wanted to say all that. It may not be what you expect a good introductory post, but this is perfectly how I wanted to introduce the blog. I hope to see you all the way! Please give lots of love inMobigraph!

© imawreader | inMobigraph


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