Garage Finished At Last

So I have finally finished the never-ending Garage/Workshop. It is finally ready for use. After many battles and on-going struggles, I am at last at a point to call it complete and start moving stuff in. In my previous post last month, I reviewed some of the struggles and how I fixed the floor with epoxy coating,

I've now completed insulating the walls with spray foam, (I hate that fiberglass paper back stuff!), and then over the last 2-3 weekends, finally finished the inside walls with 1/4" OSB (a manufactured board similar to plywood). I've put a few shelves together, workbench(s), and the pegboard is ready for hangers.

The outside is also equipped with a Google Nest motion detector light and video camera, which sends real-time alerts to my phone and to the cloud. This not only keeps an eye on the garage, but also gives us an early warning when visitors or deliveries come to the house.

Outside looking in. Just starting to move a few things in. Truck will eventually be parked in the center-left, leaving room to work on stuff at the benches.

Here's the right side with Man-door, and you can see the workbenches and pegboard, two 4x4 ft squares of holes ready for hooks! I enjoy looking out the window while working at the bench.

Closer view of the back, will be moving those shorter shelves to the sides, and bringing 2 more of the taller ones from the house up here for the back wall.

The left wall. I think the two smaller shelves will get moved over here, and I also have a nice hanging shelf to still hang up higher above them.

Here's a little video walkthrough, overall, I'm very pleased with the outcome, and enjoyed doing the interior finish work myself. And in case you're wondering, yes you can sand and paint the OSB board, but I'm not going to. It's a functional garage/workshop, that I'll be able to heat this winter when needed, not an architectural design magazine contest. I actually kind of prefer the wood look, (and almost went 70's era paneling, lol don't tell anyone).

This is the last time it will look this clean, believe me. Tomorrow I will be bringing up a couple more shelves, unpacking (finally!) and filling these shelves, adding pegboard hooks, hanging tools, setting up the grinder, and other fun stuff. I'm very excited to get my tools and outdoor things unboxed and where I can find them again, and then of course to get the beloved truck in out of the weather. No more scraping feet of snow off it each week like in the previous post!

Oh, and here's a little video walkthru.

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