The One Thing I will never Regret in My Life

The one thing I will never regret in life is being Me. One thing that life has taught me is that no one deserves to be happier than me. No matter the cost, my happiness shouldn't be traded for anything. However, I had to go through some emotional torture before realizing this, but since I realized it, my life has been in its best version compared to recent years.


I will give you some examples. Back then at the University, I made a decision not to get into any relationship throughout my four years of study. However, this changed in the second semester of my second year in school - when I was about to go for the six-month compulsory industrial training. I met this beautiful girl, Benita, while reading in the library.

Our long-desired but short-lived relationship began taking shape when we started dating. As time passes by, I started noticing a shift in my behavior - I started doing some things I never thought I would, just to keep Benita with me. While I was so uncomfortable with most of the behaviors she wanted me to put on - just to fit in, I couldn't help but do her biddings since they make her happy.

When she realized that I loved her so much, she started using it against me. She started playing with my emotions. She not only tormented me emotionally but also disrespected me countless times, even though I respected her.

Of course, there's always a limit to what one can endure. I endured till 'my endurance limit' was exceeded, and we called it off. So far, this has been one of the decisions I am so proud I made. Since taking the decision to end what I had with her, my mental health has been in its best state - I will never regret that in my life.

Secondly, a few months after my disastrous relationship, I made a move with my current fiance, @ellenklech, and she has shown to be the angle I thought I had in ex. Taking the move to ask her out, even in the presence of several barriers, is surely the one thing I will never regret in my life. I am so proud of what we share together. She loves me for being me and I love her dearly for being her.


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