The £600 1985 Saab 900 Turbo Wheeler Dealer: What are they worth now. #2

Hey guys, this is my second post based on the great [TV show 'Wheeler Dealer' staring Mike Brewer and Ed China. The last post was based on their £700 Porshe 924 (I'll leave a link at the bottom).####

So back in 2003, Mike bought an 18-Year-old Saab. It was a 1985 Saab 900 Turbo, which was known as the 'Classic'.

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The Saab 900 classic was produced from 1978 till 1998 when the 2nd generation took over the name.

The classic came in, a Saloon, a 3/5 door hatchback and after 1986 a Cabrio.

There were a few choices of engines in the classic also.

  • 2.0 L B inline 4
  • 2.0 L B201 inline 4
  • 2.0 L B202 inline 4
  • 2.1 L B212 inline 4

Some of the engines above had a turbo strapped to them too.

Let's focus on Mikes Saab. His car has the B201 Turbo. It puts out 143hp and 235 Nm torque.
It has a top speed of 121mph and 0-62mph takes 9.0 seconds.

How much did Mike Pay for his, and what did they do?

Back in 2003, Mike paid £600 for the Saab. Obviously, it needed work doing to it.
The total budget for this car for £1000, so they had £400 to work with.

What needed to be done?
So for that £400 they needed to do

  • Fully replace the interior (including the carpets) so the car would have leather seats
  • Discs and Pads all-round
  • Electric Window Motors on both sides.
  • Exhaust Back Box
  • Updating the Indicators to clear
  • Service

It ended up costing £435 in the end, so £35 over budget.

What did it sell for?

The car sold for £1,200, which made them about £165 profit, which was a lot less profit than the Porsche.

How much are they now?
There aren't many 900 turbos for sale anymore

Cheapest one
The cheapest one was silver, but this one is covered in green moss as it was sitting in a barn for years. It is also very rust. It's up for £1425 for a 1983 version.

To be honest, it is hard to find any for sale, so I will guess now.

If a rough one is about £1500 then I would say an average condition one is about £4500 and a nice one is about £8000. I am not sure thou. Sometimes it is hard to put a price on a car. if non are for sale.

The next car up will be an Mk1 VW Golf GTi

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