The £700 1983 Porsche 924 Wheeler Dealer: What are they worth now. #1

Back in 2003, there was a new program on the block, and that program became one of the biggest car-related programs ever made. And that program is called 'Wheeler Dealer'.

This program really inspired me to buy and sell cars, and I really want to get back into it.

On the first-ever episode, Mike Brewer bought a 1983 Porsche 924.

Not this car

The 924 was the entry-level car back in the day, taking over the 914.image.png

There were a few choices of engines, such as the base VW 2.0 litre inline 4, a VW 2.0, litre Turbo 924 Turbo and in the 924S they used a 2.5 inline 4 since VW stopped making their 2.0. It was a detune 2.5 from the 944.

Anyway, the one used in Mikes car, was the base, 2.0 EA831 VW lump, which only had 123hp, which seems nothing with the Porsche Logo. Though it was a small engine, due to its weight, it was a nippy little thing. 0-62mph took about 9.5 seconds, which was good for a N/A 4 pot (back then).

How much Did Mike buy his Guards Red (with black leather interior) for?

It was a bit ropey looking and needed a bit of Ed China magic to help Mike get a Proffit, but then again, he did only pay** £700** (back in 2003).

Mike had a budget of £300 (£1000 inc the car) and Ed had a few jobs that needed doing.

  • Replace the Manual Gear knob (the old one was worn out)
  • Replace Door Mirror
  • Replace Door
  • Repair the dent on the rear Quater 1/4
  • Smarten up the Wheels
  • Brand New Porsche Stickers on both sides
  • Work on the handbrake system
  • Adjust the Exhaust System
  • Gave the car a mini Service (Oil, Oil Filter, Dizzy Cap and Rotor, Air Filter)
  • Paint areas of the car
  • Polish and clean inside and out

All that for** £300** (well it came to £310, as he went £10 over budget). Believe it or not, parts like a used door and mirror are still cheap on the used market.

After all the hard work, they sold the car for £1500 which made them a profit of £490.

Fast forward 18 Years. Let us see how much the Porsche 924 sells for now.

The Cheapest

The Cheapest one found for tonight was a 1984 924 in the same spec as Mikes old one and it has low miles. It is up for sale for £3900 Beautiful car but always looks for decent buyers guide when buying one. image.png

The Most Expensive normal 924

The most expensive 924 is up for £8495. For that, you get a 1985 924 finished in black, with FSH etc. Also a beautiful car. image.png

There are other types of 924 up for sale but I didn't include them, because they are a different spec car. A 924s and 924 Turbo fetch more money in general.
There is a special edition 924 for just under £18000, and a mint 924s for just under £20000

The next car I will feature is 1985 Saab 900 Turbo so follow if that interests you:)


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