Why I Am Here!


Way back in 2009, when I had just moved back to Ireland after living abroad, my ex partner started talking about crypto and was trying to explain it to me. But, it went way over my head. I was pregnant with our first child and all I wanted to do was nest!

So anything to do with technology slid off my back. I had no interest. (yes how I wish now that I had showed an interest, but that's life eh!)

I remember that he continued to mention it, every now and again, but I just forgot about it. I was too busy being mum and loving every minute of it.

Fast forward a few years to 2017 and I am now living in the South Of Spain, after leaving the Emerald Isle in 2013 for warmer shores. That year I met a family who had come to spend the winter months here. They had 3 girls and two of them were a similar age to my girls and they hit it off straight away.

Mark (@markwhittam) their father, came to talk to me and my girls dad one day about crypto and about this social media platform that he was involved in and that he was passionate about promoting.

That platform was Steemit and his enthusiasm for it, really got me excited. So in October 2017, I signed up and with that I had my first real experience with crypto.

He spend some time showing me the ropes and soon I was a member of the @ecotrain and was also writing posts under the @familyprotection tag. These two communities really gave me a platform in which to share my passions and reached the people who felt the same way.

Who doesn't want to write for a community, who's focus is on creating a better world. From there, I really began to branch out, with @tribesteemup being the next community I became a part of (@abundance.tribe, on here), who's principles really resonate with me. And then it was to @naturalmedicine that I found my way, an awesome community, founded by the awesome @riverflows.

I was never a computer person, I would much rather spend my days outside. I remember giving my ex a hard time because he loved programming and would spend hours sat in front of a screen. And now, well look at me now, working on the computer everyday.

Steemit is what led me to Hive, that and my desire to support a platform that does not allow censorship. So it was an easy transition, all of the communities that I love moved over to here and it felt good to be with my community, my tribe.


Why Am I Still Here!

There are many reasons why I am still here, why I stuck with Hive. Steemit was very good to me, before the whole take over. It provided me with an income and allowed me and my children to travel backwards and forwards to Ireland to be with my family.

I am forever grateful for that, and even more so, for the support I got from some of the community members. I formed some real friendships and I could not imagine not having those people in my life right now!

Since Moving to Hive, that community has continued to grow and I love the amount of encouragement and support that we give one another. I love that we are stretched right around the world and that we get to share our passions and wisdom with one another.

My writing has improved so much since I began writing online, Steemit was my first venture into this and I have never looked back. Having this platform as an outlet, has really helped me move forward in my life. I have shared a lot of my life on here and that has brought me a lot of healing.

It's funny, because that is something I never thought I would do, I had never been someone that was drawn to social media and was very happy to not get into Facebook. Believe it or not, I was a very private person. But then I began to see the value in sharing your experiences and how being silent about somethings, just helps to keep them hidden.

And somethings should not be hidden. I am a truth seeker and proud of it and being on Hive, has allowed me to connect with many other truthseekers and to also keep myself informed.

Being able to log onto Hive and find out what is happening in various parts of the world, by the people who actually live there, is quite an amazing thing and another one of the reason's why I stay.

I feel very lucky to have connected with so many amazing folk on here,(you all know who you are) who educate me, entertain me and support me. To me this is what the future is about, creating global communities and sharing our skills and visions with one another. Inspiring one another to
do better, to be better.

As a single mama, Hive has provided me with an income, which enables me to be at home with my girls and home educate them. I would love to be able to invest all of my earnings back into the platform, but I am not yet in that situation, so instead I like to give back, with the content I create and my curation efforts some of the communities I am a part of.

This is my response to the questions that @markymark asked, check out his post here.




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