Yielding happiness in the daily grind

The last couple days I have been at home alone with my daughter who has been ill and today, I had a customer delivery, which was a two hour remote training session. I spent last night nd this morning prepping my daughter for it and I explained the situation to my clients that I may be interrupted, but it ended up not too bad, as while I was interrupted a couple times, it wasn't to the point it killed my flow completely, although, it will be very noticeable, as these sessions are recorded.

I find it weird that there are videos of me all over the world delivering various trainings. At one very large company where I created a presentation for internal usage, someone said in a training - "Hey, you are the voice of..."

Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You might remember me from training videos such as...

Normally in Finland it is possible to get the time off for a sick kid without work, but due to these particular sessions, I am the only one that can deliver them and postponing just creates more headaches. But, despite the small challenges along the way, I have really enjoyed the days with my daughter and we have had a lot of fun between the work. In delivery mode, I am focused, but I am taking it pretty easy during the other hours and we are playing and drawing, singling and laughing a lot. She is in a very good mood, no complaints, no tears, patience, self-directed and understanding.

Now that I have said that, let's see how tomorrow rolls with the last session.

But, I am pretty happy currently, as I feel I am over the hump of the last 6 weeks of insanity and I am moving into a a little more of a relaxed period, and I even booked a few days off using the annual leave owning to me from the winter vacation period for the end of May. I still have a thousand and one things to do, but at least there is an end in sight, which will allow me to dig into the renovation work that I have been lagging on.

But even with the severely behind schedule renovation work and a deadline looming on it, I am pretty calm. I have take the "It'll work out" approach to the outcome and while I think to work it out, it is going to take a lot of sweat on my part, I am confident that when the time comes, I will get what needs to be done, done.

With the current dip in price, I hope it is one of those "shaking the tokens out of the last loose hands" situations and the bullrun can continue on strong going into the summer. I am hoping that in the next few weeks HIVE will hit around one and then bounce upward to set a new base around 1.50 until the larger run toward the end of the year. I think that it would definitely be a welcome relief to see some more upward trends.

One of the "problems" with DeFi is that it takes capital away form other projects too and puts it into what are essentially shit tokens for the most part that are going to burn bright and die a very quick death. I really think that if any of these projects are serious about being long-term players, they will have to start building practical utility into their products, where rather than issuing tokens, it issues shares into real business or business development so that legitimate business models could for example fund startup ventures or capital expansions, using the DeFi pools as a funding sources, rather than traditional banks, giving part ownership to decentralized communities around the world.

With the lack of overheads a smart contract has and the ability to generate a massive of liquid resources very fast due to being able to pool even micro amounts of funds together, this could make them very attractive for business and for investors who want to keep investing into companies, but not have to go through the centralized and privatized stock markets. Banks make large profit, so do exchanges, but just think how much more they could be utilized through interconnected smart contracts instead.

New York Stock Exchange member firms that conduct business with the public reported a third-quarter 2020 after-tax profit of approximately $8 billion and revenues of approximately $48 billion, compared with approximately $5 billion after-tax profit on revenues of about $62 billion in the third-quarter of 2019.

That was their third-quarter profits. If you wonder how they make their money, this is a helpful list.

My point is, that currently, most of these DeFi products aren't actually offering anything more than an opt-in ponzi scheme, but in time, the ones that are able to offer real and solid investment opportunity, will be those that not only survive, but will continually provide a significant yield to Liquidity Providers, as they will be allowing for things like smart contract-based direct investment into companies at a granular level, giving a broad portfolio, but still not having to be in an averaged ETF. With the lack of overheads, this could prove very lucrative and rather than the investment gains being made by the few, they will be distributed far more widely across economic class groups and localities.

There are many, many exciting innovations to come in regards to DeFi productization, but like my house, it needs to get done and it takes time. What will hold it back however is the continual short-term money grab mentality, as while some individuals will make large gains, most of the value of the long-term will be left on the table as potential unfulfilled. An industry of opportunity, shooting itself in the foot at the opening of the gates.

But, I am still pretty confident that there will be some projects with people who will realize that the real money isn't even in sight yet and in order to have access, they are going to have to not only build utility into products, but trust with their user base and the wider industry. This is a challenge in a decentralized environment full of anonymous people and while many say "trustless" blockchains, eventually it will be the trusted faces who get the lions share of the investment. Building trust matters.

Happy pills give a short-lived high - Happiness is found in the yield of the daily grind.

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