Jack Dorsey - Controlling The Narrative To Freeing It Seldom Do 2 + 2 = 5 Bluesky Is A Bloody Scam...

So then, suddenly Jack Dorsey is tremendously interested in decentralisation, free speech and all that good stuff that we here, intrinsically understand.

For the sake of there being any ambiguity as to my thoughts...

I do not believe this 'muppet' has any interest in decentralisation whatsoever. Why the hell would he? He has made a vast, ever-expanding fortune built on the back of complete over-riding, all controlling, centralised models.


Let's say there was even the faintest glimmer of sincerity in his words, what would that mean for Twitter moving forward? Would this be his admission of living a lie all these years? Would this be him admitting he has tacitly tried to control the narrative and even direct it in any direction he and his corporate shill buddies desired for the longest time?

This sudden pang of guilt deep in his soul that caused his ridiculous outburst regarding his newfound, altruistic love of 'freedom of speech' prompted me to action. I find a hugely delicious irony in using his own massively centralised corporate whore of a platform to share my particular thoughts... Using Twitter to pour scorn on his ridiculous claims feels like the right thing to do.


Full disclosure - Until last year I had never used the platform. I had long since abandoned all forms of traditional social media. In the transition from web 1.0 to 2.0 many tools and platforms appeared, or those already in existence, began to be taken seriously. That seemed to have enormous utility. The adoption that followed seemed warranted and indeed beneficial. I remember thinking that these hubs of people for want of a better expression would lead to the most amazing network effect for those who wished to gather around a topic. You could say there was the potential for a huge crowd-sourcing opportunity.

I thought these companies and the web spaces they were creating were going to give everyday people an opportunity to change the world. Arguably they did have a huge effect. Masses of information was dispersed to people who were never meant to have it at their disposal.

I remember Snowdon, Assange, Resnick and many others changing the landscape on how we think about the world around us with infodumps that contained the most sensational facts we could ever have been exposed to. Who could forget the emergence of WikiLeaks? I care less about whether you agreed with these high profile whistle-blowers but to deny their impact on the free flow of information would be folly.

This list of well known whistle-blowers shows an exponential rise in numbers as the information age was ushered in. I guess that is somewhat unsurprising but it obviously does illustrate my point.



Initially I enjoyed the social media sites that begun popping up for exactly the reasons I mentioned earlier I have had an activist kind of mindset for many years and found it an efficient way to launch a community with a shared aim or concern... I had several groups on FB to gather people around certain topics and it worked brilliantly. Then came the shadow bans. Suddenly many people in these groups were reporting a massive drop off in engagement on usually popular topics and posts and of course we now understand it but back then it was perplexing.

Although many of suspected that the entities we were exposing were removing much of our ability to have a voice and take a stand against them...

It seemed that in order for us to all be happy and well behaved and get along just fine, some of our less palatable views were now no longer fit for human consumption, rather like inexpensive cat food or anthrax laced cyanide!

Thus began an assault on views that did not conform to the mainstream narrative which over the last couple of years has been significant enough to give Orwell and Huxley multiple, recurring ulcers.

Who could ever imagine that in our lifetime social media would take a view of us voting for the 'wrong' candidate in a national election. In many cases I am talking about social media whose home base may be many thousands of miles away from the country that they have taken a view on or adopted a position on!

In the UK we had the long drawn out saga that was Brexit. Now call me naïve but I thought that was a matter to be discussed, contemplated and decided democratically by the British people... Oops! How wrong could I be?

There was a sustained, well cultivated narrative formed around the globe and many in Silicon Valley especially, had their own unique view of how this was all supposed to play out...

How the hell, dare they???


So topics that reinforced the views of these corporate behemoths rose like the proverbial cream to the top and those with an 'illegitimate' view sunk far beneath the waves of the trending rhetoric.

Nothing about our views or behaviour we express when inhabiting the cyber world nowadays is sacrosanct. Every aspect of our lives, interests, hobbies, voting preference, sexual preference, views on society or buying preference is 'up for manipulation or 'on sale!'

And when I tell you business is booming folks, I'm not even beginning to scratch the surface!

Mr Dorsey and so many of his peers have taken a front seat role and active participation in driving these agendas forward to the point of 'almost' no return. I say 'almost' with a sense of hope and optimism that I am right about that. I cannot claim that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I am right or that others who claim we are simply too far down the track and that it's much too late are wrong either.

Let me be crystal clear just in case that was not damming enough... These guys have been turning you upside down, shaking you until your data falls out, harvesting every aspect of your life and milking it for BIG FAT JUICY PROFITS. Often they knew their actions were manipulative, surreptitious, scurrilous and sometimes plain old illegal. At the very least they betrayed every contract you believed you had entered in to with their products and services.

What of those they passed your data on to?

Often profit is NOT their main objective. This is even more chilling if you ask me, at-least we understand fat, over bloated corporate scumbags who become addicted to chasing dollar bills and can just never seem to get enough of them. These elements have more sinister agendas in mind, control, theft of freedoms and a far more dormant humanity who will

'Go gentle in to that good night'.

To paraphrase the great Dylan Thomas. Many of us have long since realised that we are no more than chattel to these people, debris to be swept away when our useful purpose to them has ceased. We are milked like the prize cow we are viewed as for the absolute maximum profit we can provide.

So let's step back from my digression, provided to give a little context of where these scumbags sprung up from and what they intend for us to be FOR them.

Do you believe for one absobloodylutely belief suspending second that Dorsey wants anything like what he is claiming? Do you believe he would ever turn his back fully on the scenarios I have briefly explained? Even if he wanted to, do you believe for one instant he would be allowed to?

Or, do you believe he has an angle and intends to create something far, far different to what he is proposing?


Honestly I believe from what he has said so far about the innocuous sounding project 'Bluesky' that he only actually has a cursory knowledge of what blockchain technology and 'true decentralisation' even are. Oh I am certain he has teams of analysts looking fully in to it but it is so far wide of what he does that he cannot understand it in his bones, in his heart and mind, even if it was explained to him fully.

Can you imagine Twitter being open source? If you can you are not imaging anything akin to Twitter at all, right? Many on the Hive community on Twitter had a little fun with Jack regarding Buesky, again it was nice to use his own platform to tease him and prod him with the Hivestick essentially pointing out to him luckily his grand vision is already here and it's named HIVE and maybe he should just come plug in to the system that already exists.

In reality I don't imagine anyone would really want him here. Don't misunderstand, some in the thread were talking about him coming here and bringing his money to improve Hive!!!

We just had our 1st birthday, anyone remember why???


Firstly 'Jack the lad' has zero interest in coming here EVER! Secondly if he did, he would work out the quickest way to centralisation without actually calling it that... Next he would start to look at some of those posts that were maybe 'a tad offensive' after all we cannot have all that liberty and freedom of speech running rife polluting the air around here, right?

Finally - He has no friggin' interest in decentralisation, free speech or open source tech.

Every single one of us knows this instinctively and intrinsically!

I do have a few concerns with where this may lead though. Exactly the same ((sort of)) concerns I had when the evil, lying 'SurveilanceBot 3000', Suckerberg made his big announcement a couple of years ago, however he was reigned in by the banksters and his Corporate overlords and it always felt a little like he had no understanding of crypto whatsoever. I think he saw it more like an extension of the 'game credit' system and kind of placed all digital assets in one Pidgeon-hole.

Perhaps the hacking of Twitter last year for a BTC scam led him to the light?


The point of this post? Simply this. There will be certain sectors of the media that will portray this as a crypto-friendly news story. They will try and convince us that Jack just wants a fairer, more just world where we can all just get along. They may even cite this as the breakthrough that crypto and decentralisation in general has been waiting for, IT ISN'T!

I would rather struggle for a few more years with 5 cents Hive and 10 dollar BTC than let that leeching animal bring his dirty money in here and 10X it.

Some of you may have just read 10X and thinking about in reality, you may have thought, "what it be that bad?" If you did, let me assure you:

You are in the wrong place!

Jacky boy, you can stick your money up your... anyway, enough about that maggot.

Occasionally false profits, prophets will come along and speak about the space we are in and for a second it may sound exciting, as if we have truly entered the mainstream. You may even think, what if someone with all that money and all those resources were to enter the Hive space, what would that mean for us?

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce exhibit A - STINC, right?


I could not care less about money, fancy smooth talking big-shots and rapid growth of Hive!

We will get there under our own collective efforts. We will get there when we are supposed to. We will get there when it is the right thing for us. We will get there when mass adoption is a reality and we have streamlined the Hive experience in a way that allows us to plug new community onboardees in to a swish Hive that is intuitive for them.

I have wrote about this a couple of times of late, I would hate to think 1 million users came bustling through the Hive front door as most of them would slip through the cracks faster than we could acclimatise them.

This would lead to hundreds of thousands of ex-Hivers going back in to the world stating that Hive just doesn't work, there's no engagement for new users and even more sad, believing it!

I have read a lot of 'last posts' from community members that have left our ranks over the last few days. I will explain why I have been doing this in a post over the next 2 or 3 days. Some of them powered down everything ((at vastly lower prices than now)) and they mention in their last posts that they have given Hive long enough to work and it doesn't...

How long do these bloody idiots ((sorry it's true!)) think it takes for a radical new technology and financial system to become established and begin to reach mainstream acceptance?

Yet in the space of 6 to 24 months many of these people deemed that they had exhibited massive patience and declared that it had now run out... Good riddance idiots!


When this becomes the norm and we break new ground almost daily with developments, projects, cutting edge laterally thought out ideas I want to celebrate knowing that we all did it together as a community.

I do not want it to be because some egotistical moneyman comes along and buys us out of where we are today. I do not want it to be because we sold our principles and twisted our ideals.

That would be a victory that tastes less sweet as the one we will taste in good time, at the right time.

We don't need snakeoil, moneymen and people not true to the cause. If we are going to disrupt the way things have always been done online and eventually in the wider world we must hold steady in our beliefs and in the continuing path of our journey.

I believe the progress over the last year has exceeded expectations and we are on a far better trajectory than we ever were in our old home.

Let's just continue the journey together as we always have done in the RIGHT WAY!

You agree right?

Thank YOU for taking the time to read my post and if you're one of those amazing people who like to hit the comments section... Then I doubly thank YOU!

Either way I want you to know that you are appreciated!

Keep taking the time to connect with each-other both here and in the 'so-called' real world and try and look after each-other, because as you already know...

Together We're Just Better.png