Participating in the LPUD of March, towards the goal of 2000 LEO Power.

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After missing out on last month's LPUD event due to surgery, I don't want to miss the opportunity to participate in today's event. The goal of reaching 2000 LP by the end of the year is still far away, and since I haven't posted much about crypto and finance in the last month and a half, I've fallen behind in accumulating LEO Tokens to reach the first stage of LEO holder. Thanks to delegation and a few posts on finance, I had accumulated just over 23 LEO in the two months since my previous LPUD event in January. Unfortunately, to participate in this event and obtain the LPUD badge from @hivebuzz, a minimum Power Up of 150 LEO is required.

What to do? Since I didn't have enough LEO, only 23 available, I sold most of the tokens I had accumulated through delegations and post rewards, of course only the free tokens, everything I have in staking remained blocked because there is more than one project that I would like to follow with interest. But that of @leofinance is certainly one of the most important, with ambitious goals that look far ahead. In addition, I use many of the functions provided by @leofinance, and this is also a way to support a project that helps many Hivians every day with its services.

Returning to the event in question, by selling the tokens I had accumulated, I earned about 19 Hive, which was enough for me to purchase an additional 159 LEO through the function, which allows you to control and exchange all your tokens related to the Hive blockchain.

Thanks to the previous tokens accumulated and the new purchase, I was able to Power Up almost 183 LEO, which brought my total LEO Power to 367 LEO. I still need 1633 LEO to reach the annual goal of 2000 tokens, which, considering the 9 and a half months left until the end of the year, requires an accumulation of at least 171 LEO every month. Considering the 183 LEO added today, I am on track with the predetermined plan, despite having lost a lot of time due to unforeseeable circumstances. In the end, I am satisfied because I used to want to have 2000 LEO immediately, but today I learned that everything good must be cultivated little by little, without haste, working hard on the content, without thinking about the result, which will come one day if the effort is constant and focused on the goals.

And you, dear friends and readers, did you participate in the monthly LPUD event?

I also invite you to vote for @leofinance as Witness, it would be very important to support this fantastic project, which can bring great benefit to Hive and the entire ecosystem of this blockchain.
That's all for today dear friends, a hug and greetings from your @stea90, STAY ON TRAK.

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If you want to support a good Witness and his great work to help so many users on Hive, vote for @Discovery-it as Witness.
You can also help with a delegation for @Discovery-it.

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