i'm stacking LEO now!

10 days ago, I got my 1st CUB and this is just the beginning as I shared in my post.
After that, I used 1 BNB to farm CUB-BNB.
In 1 week, I got 16.5 CUB more.


With this CUB, I started to think how to use it in an efficient way.
Putting these CUB in CUB Kingdom is not a bad idea, especially when CUB Kingdom increased multiplier and it reach APR over 100%.
However, I jumped in 2 below articles

And finally I decided to stack more LEO in my account by my earned CUB.

My LEO target

Currently, I have 118 LEO in my account, just a tiny sand.

And I would like to reach 1500 LEO by end of 2021.
My LEO will come from 2 sources:

  • Earned CUB in my Farm and Kingdom. Probably, it will be around 180 LEO per month
  • From author and curation rewards

I know it's quite ambitious for me but let try and see.

P/S: It is not financial advice. You should make your decision by yourself.

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