Less Posts, More Curation?

Since the Hard Fork, this is what I have been seeing. Now the madness of 'curation stealing' has gone away I find myself looking for things to vote on.

During that week many were slurping up those delicious lucrative rewards and used all their voting power. The posters were having a bad time of things as all that VP was going elsewhere, albeit temporarily.


I find myself back in the VP high 80's and am looking for all the good posts.

...'you can all start posting again now as the voting is back to normal'...

Is it? Not really but we can't have it both ways. I see posts are generally getting less than before Hard Fork 25.

This must be due to the flat linear effect. Is this why there are fewer posts than before, or is everyone putting less effort in due to last week and the 'bad votes?'

So here is the solution. Don't post, just curate.

Simple really; Ah but wait, if everyone does that there will be nothing to vote for.

Most of us are following the money trail despite all this, 'I'm not doing it for the money, I am doing it because I?...', well you know the rest. It's been stated only too often.

Let me tell you all.

...'I am doing it for the fucking money'...

Don't beat around the bush just say it. I could post my shit on Facebook and get a lot more comments, and also some twat telling me my images are over-saturated. I would also get NOTHING.

...'I post on Facebook around 6 weeks later. They can wait if they want to read, or come over to HIVE and see the exclusives'

I can't tell them to fuck off and keep scrolling on Facebook as I will be thrown out of the community.

Enter HIVE and no banning. Everyone is so polite on here as they fear the dreaded downvote on disagreements.

I won't downvote you if you tell me my images are too garish and I should not filter them. It's my choice, and if you don't want your eyes to water in the colour strain then look away.

I could not post my stuff elsewhere. Not now. This is my base and will be so long as it keeps going. I do have a certain loyalty toward HIVE and am not going anywhere soon.


Curating comments is also very lucrative and as good as voting on posts. If your vote is greater than 2c then think about voting a good comment.

We all want comments after all. Who likes writing to an invisible audience? Give them some appreciation if they comment. Respond and give them a vote. You have less excuses now. That curve is gone.

...'comments that are not obviously bullshit ones will be curated, as they always have been on my posts'

So can you please start posting your shit again so I can vote and reap the curation rewards in? Thank you so much for listening to my babble.


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