Clubhouse's Making You Money - Here is How! Payment Feature Enabled and Podcasts


πŸ’¬ The podcast industry experienced explosive growth in 2020.

The year started with roughly 900k total podcasts in existence and ended with more than 1.6M.

There’s a reason for this growth...

... People love audio.

πŸ“³ Unless you've been on an internet sabbatical, you've probably heard about Clubhouse, the new social audio platform that's been getting unprecedented attention across the internet.

Now it's even easier to make money on Clubhouse even if you're not in The Content Grant Program.

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πŸ‘€ I've noticed that my Empire Kred and Twitter good friend, Doc Reo's killing it there!
In March, Clubhouse stated that they will introduce plans for users to monetize their engagement, allowing them to generate their own income.
With what mechanics? Tips, tickets, and subscriptions.
Doc is already testing it and it's on! They have allowed tips already!

Now, I wish to continue this article by giving you an insight into how people are using podcasts to grow more audience and monetize on that in Clubhouse. If you're a podcaster, this will surely be a great piece of info for you!

While podcast listenership has continued to grow and even reach record highs, the emergence of social audio has disrupted the industry and forced it into an INFLECTION POINT.
And so the question arises, "Will Clubhouse kill podcasting?"

β³πŸ•›πŸ•πŸ•‘πŸ•’πŸ•“πŸ•” After investing a LOT of time and energy into looking into Clubhouse, I've come to view it as a companion to podcasting, rather than a competitor, and it's an evolutionary step forward for the medium.
Clubhouse and social audio are creating what I call Podcasting 2.0.

Until now, podcasts have been one-way communication channels where you receive either educational or entertaining content and there's minimal connection between the audience and host... at least without serious effort.

Podcasting 2.0 opens the door for real-time interaction between the host and audience AND it's allowing much deeper bonds to ultimately form...

... and this is just the beginning!

Because Clubhouse is such a young platform, there are unique and rare opportunities available right now for business owners who want to:

  • Attract an enormous audience who's aligned with your values and message... and do it FAST!

  • Create web traffic and visibility WITHOUT spending a dime.

  • Convert your audience members into targeted leads and ideal clients BEFORE new rules, restrictions, or revenue shares cut into your profitability.

πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‰ When your Clubhouse audience grows, your podcast listenership does too... and the same goes for your social media following.

πŸ”— It's all connected and if you want to reap these extraordinary benefits for yourself start using Clubhouse and let us know how it works for you.
Whether you're looking to get more visibility to grow your podcast audience OR you're looking to expand your business through attracting targeted leads who align with your message, this opportunity is massive!

The key is to strategically COMBINE the power of podcasts with social audio to form a synergistic effect that creates an exponential impact!

If you're already doing a great job there, let us know!

See you soon in Clubhouse, @nathanmars!

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