My Hive Highlight


Cryptocurrency is the place and is where all can chill without sentiments or racism. This is a free platform. I love hive so much.

Hi community members, it feels so good to be able to be alive today and see that there is actually a #hivehighlight to be able to highlight some of the few achievements of this year 2021 on the #hive blockchain. It has been an amazing year.. Many things occurred to me due to experience on hive.. This was the same year I had to create this hive account due to the fact that a spammer actually sent me a spam link on the comment section of my post and I fell for it and clicked on it. And that was how I lost the account @maxwellelisha19 but then I did not give up, I moved further to create this account.

Sincerely speaking, I have achieved a lot here, this year I had to conclude my Bachelor degree in Engineering and guess what, I actually had $200 from all posts that I had made since the creation of this account and it really went a long way in helping me to fabricate and manufacture a rice dehusking machine. The liquid hive served as capital for me to be able to conclude the project because I was at that time financially incapable the of carrying out the project work but since I had been posting and making comments, I had been able to organise some #hive.



This went a long way due to my orphan state of living condition as I virtually had no one to call on to get some money from. #hivehighlight has just provided a medium of sharing one of the greatest things that has happened to me this year. I would attach pictures of the machine I designed and fabricated through the help of hive. I have referred several friends to the hive blockchain and it has also helped some people get alleviated from poverty.


I Would recommend all to try and sign up for a new hive account for those that don't have one. This is a community that doesn't tolerate plagiarism and phishing and any fraudulent related activities. It has been a great year for me but I anticipate towards a better and greater 2022. I send some shoutout to some friends over here and to tell all that #hive is so beautiful a d it is a stable coin worth investing in.

Thanks @guiltyparties @snook @nathanmars @hivewatchers @xeldal @ocdb @leofinance @spamminator @usainbolt

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