The BEST among the CHEAPEST: TOP 3 Splinterlands Cards under 5 Cents

The BEST among the CHEAPEST: TOP 3 Splinterlands Cards under 5 Cents

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The BEST among the CHEAPEST: TOP 3 Splinterlands Cards under 5 Cents

Hello everyone!

My last post about the best cards under 10 cents was a huge success! After all, everyone love a good budget card.

So why not push this concept even further? Why spend 10 cents if you can find great cards under FIVE cents? Are you Mr. Moneybags with infinite resources? Of course you're not! So let's see what are the best cards available among the cheapest ones on the market!

Rank #3: Flying Squid

The Flying Squid is probably one of the strongest Secondary Tanks of the game, and you can buy it for about 3 cents each card. Just put him on the 2nd place of your team, and let him do his job: absorb raw damage, and hit the enemy tank.

Even in the Bronze League you can have level him to Level 3, and enjoy the +1 Melee Attack. Then, at Level 6 (Gold League), it becomes even stronger due the Blind ability, increasing by +15% the chances of all enemies missing their attacks: the Blind combos so well with the most common Water Strategy (cards with high Speed), making it even harder for enemies to actually hit you.

Rank #2: Venari Knifer

TWO CENTS for a great counter against Melee Monsters? I honestly can't believe that this card is that cheap. I don't even know any other stuff in my life that costs only 2 cents, tbh.

OK, the Venari Knifer is a situational card: it's not strong enough to be your primary tank (no Shield, no defensive abilities that mitigate damage), and it lacks abilities that allow him to attack while not in the frontline. But it's the perfect card for several Rulesets like Super Sneak and Melee Mayhem, that allow him to attack while being in the back of your team.

One strategy that I love with this card is putting him in the last place of your team when the game has the Super Sneak Ruleset: the Thorns will end up dealing a LOT of damage to the enemy Monsters, and he'll also be able to dodge a few attacks due being a really fast boy with 5 or 6 Speed.

Rank #1: Chaos Knight

You can snatch one of the most incredible Tanks of the whole Life Splinter for about 3 cents. Why she's incredible, you ask?

Well, for starter, she has the Shield ability right from Level 1, making her an incredibly useful card for new players: a reasonably good Tank against Melee/Ranged attacks, with good Healthpool and Armor, for 3 cents? Every newbie has at least one copy in their decks.

But, at Level 9, she gets the ability Inspire, which combos PERFECTLY well with the "Life Splinter Sneak Wombo-Combo" that everyone's already used to: Lorna Shine, Silvershield Assassin, Silvershield Knight, Feral Spirit, Stitch Leech... you know the deal. A great tank with +1 Melee attack? Perfect for the combo.

The Chaos Knight is an incredibly card for both new players and experienced players, so that's why she's on the 1st place!

Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

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