LeoGlossary: Genesis League Sports (GLS)

SplinterGlossary: Genesis League Sports (GLS)

Genesis League Sports is a twin platform to Splinterlands, which mirrors Splinterlands in most relevant aspects of functionality, including the role of each token.

GLS has three tokens, just like Splinterlands. Here is the correspondence:

  • Genesis League Governance Token (GLX) - similar to SPS
  • Genesis League Stable Token (GLUSD) - similar to DEC, except it will have an in-game value of 1 USD instead of 0.001 USD as DEC has
  • Genesis League Game Time (GLGT) - similar to VOUCHER

GLS also runs on Hive and will have its own second-layer node validators too, just like Splinterlands.

Where GLS is different from Splinterlands is in the audience they target. GLS will offer e-sports games for the fans of the genre, while Splinterlands goes more into the fantasy land.

GLS will also form different partnerships with different sports leagues, to be added as a new game on GLS.

The first such partnership was realized with the North American MLSPA and will bring Genesis League Goals on GLS as the first game to use the platform.

The whitepaper of GLS can be consulted for in-depth details.

Genesis League Sports Website
Splinterlands Website

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