LeoGlossary: Genesis League Goals

SplinterGlossary: Genesis League Goals

Genesis League Goals is the first game that will be introduced to the Genesis League Sports platform.

The creators of Splinterlands and Genesis League Sports have partnered with Major League Soccers Players Association (MLSPA) to create a rapid tactic strategy game that will utilize NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the Hive blockchain. Genesis League Goals uses the Major League Soccers Players Association roster. It puts two players head-to-head in short cycle gameplay sessions. In Genesis League Goals, players will engage in the game by collecting their favorite MLSPA player cards, building their decks, and competing in turn-based, head-to-head matches for the winning score. Unique to Genesis League Goals, players will be able to enhance their NFT value by leveling up their player cards with equipment and skill components that can maximize the effectiveness of their teams.

The whitepaper for the game can be found here.

GLG packs can be purchased from their website, from the Shop, using HIVE coins or Paypal.

Genesis League Sports Website
Splinterlands Website

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