150 GLX Staked during the Bear market, I'm growing crypto wealth in Splinterlands ecosystem.

Happy Thursday to great friends here on Hive and in the Splinterlands community. I hope you had some love and fun-filled activities so far this week.

The ongoing world cup has brought some ease in the social space. Even while I am getting to learn the fun of watching football, I also do well to make some sports related investments too.

The airdrop of $GLX tokens to SPS stakers is 30 days now. I staked only 200 SPS and that earned me less than 0.1 GLX daily for the past 30 days. Put together, my total GLX received from the airdrop would not be more than 3.

Growth is a choice and so is wealth

I have learnt in life that growth is a choice and so is wealth. It takes determination and the willingness to take the necessary risk to be able to grow in one's line of interest.

I remember when I took a decision to better my financial lots by getting more serious with the Hive blockchain and the splinterlands community. That decision has yielded a massive result for me and the growth is visible too. Soon, I will be celebrating my 300 HP.

I was happy to have been an active member of the splinterlands community at the launch of GLX. That for me was an added advantage. I could have spent my whole time regretting not taking enough SPS but I choose to take responsibility.

I bought GLX and Staked them

I started buying GLX tokens with 2 Hive, 3 Hive, 5 Hive, etc. As much Hive as I could lay my hands, I did myself the good of buying as much GLS as I could and staked them. I actually bought them costly, around 0.5HIVE each.

My first ever GLX stake was 72.27. 70 was actually purchased. I added to the amount received as airdropped and staked everything. Below are the screenshots showing the transfer of 70 GLX from hive-engine.




It was just the beginning for me. The price of GLX later became bearish. I saw an opportunity to buy more. I am happy that at 30 days, I could double my first GLX stake. Holding a stake of 159 GLX is really a blessing for me, being a starter in this splinterlands environment.

You can lookup my GLS balances here

The next goal is to hit 200 GLX staked then watch how that evolves. It is great to accumulate this volume of wealth even when the game has not yet started. When I hit that target, more GLX earned from staking would be used to buy Genesis League Goals packs ahead of the game's unveiling.

I am glad I discovered splinterlands on Hive. The journey is getting sweeter and rewarding each day.

Join Splinterlands Now

Thank you again to all the creators and developers on Hive. Thank you all my teachers here on Hive. Thank you for those who mark my scripts with their upvotes. I am happy to see that I am growing in understanding this environment, but more interesting is that I am paid to to learn on hive.

Thank you all, I love you.

I am @kingswill. Let's meet and greet.

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