Hello everyone. Welcome back. If you celebrate the holiday season with Christmas, then I hope your holiday was filled with good tidings for you and your families. My holiday was good, as my family was able to visit safely. We had a wonderful gathering, giving thanks for our blessings. I want to share with you my blessings as of today in the Saturday Savers Club.

YEAR-END 2021 BALANCE: 539.762 HBD

I'm excited because today is my final week of 2021 in the Saturday Savings Club. I have completed my goal what I set out to accomplish on January 1st. After 52 weeks of the 365 Penny A Day Challenge, I'm thrilled that I stayed the course. Also, after 20 weeks, I've completed the Club's Autumn Savings Challenge. This challenge was perhaps the most fun for me. Yes, there were times I struggled. However, I kept the end goal in mind. As @eddie-earner always told us, "slow and steady" is the key to success.

As I look back over this past 52 weeks, I rejoice in knowing that other members in the Club held fast to their commitments as well. Looking forward to Saturday's meetings over on @eddie-earner's account to engage and encourage each other in whatever their goals were made this journey worthwhile. I'd like to thank all the members of the Saturday Savers Club, my Followers, and friends on Hive for their support and encouragement each week through my journey.

Last week, I was undecided how best to utilize my year-long savings of HBD. With 539.762 HBD, I've decided that I will:

  • Increasing my @cublife buy-in for January, 2022;
  • Add to my DRIP portfolios; and
  • Increase my holdings in Btc and Eth.

This is my final Saturday report for 2021.

My activities for Week 52:
@susie-saver's Got Us Guessing Again! SPI Giveaway

@susie-saver is currently at 1199 HP. By December 31st, I guessed that she will have 1220 HP in her account. With only 6 days left in this year, now I'm worried I missed the mark by going in too high.

20-week Autumn Savings Challenge

Woohoo...My final Week 20 for my participation in the Autumn Savings Challenge. This week I transferred 10.08 HBD into my HBD Savings. My balance is now 539.762 HBD.

EDS Miner (EDSM) tokens
According to @eddie-earner, the EDS tokens are low-risk income that generate guaranteed earnings of 12% annually. EDS tokens can be obtained only by mining. Also, EDS pays out every Monday evening with an above-average interest rate of 23% last week.

Visit the final news of this year for Week 52 Saturday Savers Club post by @eddie-earner's account: Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | Week 52 - Saturday 25 December 2021 🤑 | Week 20 - Autumn Challenge: We Made It! Payout Time !🤑🤑🤑 | Win EDS Tokens for Comments! 🤑🤑 Everyone Welcome for other Club news.

My Saturday Savers Club Report for Week 53:

Below is my final activity for the year.

Saturday Savers ClubDay 359365 penny-a-day, Money Saving Challenge. ON TARGET
Autumn Savings Challenge0.000Discontinued Hive saving; only HBD
Autumn Savings Challenge539.762HBD Savings Balance.
EDS88.30Receiving my stake in the daily mining
EDSM39.185Staked Miners in which I earn EDS tokens
SPI17.47Earning SPI by participating in the Club's events
LBI38Earning SPI by participating in the Club's events
Leo9.258 liquid177.742 staked, with 20 delegated to @meowleo
CubLife250+ HiveWill send to @cublife to participate in 1/21/22 buy-in


As I have reiterated, I'm not a financial adviser. My post is not meant to be financial advice. My articles on cryptocurrency, investing, and saving are meant to share my personal opinion, experiences, and general information about those items once I discover interesting facts and figures. Please perform your own research before investing in any project that you feel comfortable with. In all cases, only spend and invest in project where you have the available resources.


DAYAmount Hive SavedHive BalanceAmount HBD SavedHBD Balance
Autumn Savings Challenge
Week No.Beg. Balance301.790Beg. Balance101.932
Week 1: (8/14/21)+1.05302.960+1.05102.982
Week 2: (8/21/21)+1.26304.220+1.26104.242
Week 3 (8/28/21)+60.00 (Addt'l HBD)164.242
0.921 HBD166.914
Week 4 (9/4/21)+2.24308.210+2.24169.154
Week 5 (9/11/21)+2.73310.940+2.73171.884
Week 6 (9/18/21)+3.22314.160+3.22175.104
Week 7 (9/25/21)+3.71317.870+3.71178.814
Week 8 (10/2/21)-317.8700.00+1.492 (Interest)180.307
Week 9 (10/9/21)+0.000.00+8.89189.197
Week 10 (10/16/21)+0.000.00+173.974363.171
Week 10 (10/16/21)+0.000.00+5.18368.361
Week 11 (10/23/21)+0.000.00+5.67374.021
Week 12 (10/30/21)+0.000.00+6.16380.181
Week 13 (11/1/21)+0.000.00+2.745 (Interest)382.927
Week 13 (11/6/21)+0.000.00+6.65389.577
Week 14 (11/13/21)+0.000.00+7.17396.717
Week 15 (11/20/21)+0.000.00+7.63404.347
Week 16 (11/27/21)+0.000.00+8.12412.467
Week 17 (11/28/21)+0.000.00+8.61421.077
Week 17 (11/30/21)+86.580 (Addt'l HBD)507.657
Week 17 (12/1/21)+3.334 (Interest)510.992
Week 18 (12/11/21)+0.000.00+9.10520.092
Week 19 (12/18/21)+0.000.00+9.59529.682
Week 20 (12/25/21+0.000.00+10.08539.762

In the Autumn Savings Challenge, I feel that I accomplished my savings and investments goals for 2021.

Week No.AmountWeek No.Amount
Week 11.05 🤑 FairWeek 115.67 💪💪🤑 Excellent
Week 21.26 🤑 FairWeek 126.16 💪💪🤑 Excellent
Week 31.75 🤑 FairWeek 136.65 💪💪🤑 Excellent
Week 42.24 🤑 FairWeek 147.14 💪💪🤑 Excellent
Week 52.73 🤑 FairWeek 157.63 💪💪🤑 Excellent
Week 63.22 💪🤑 GoodWeek 168.12 💪🤑💪🤑Exemplary
Week 73.71 💪🤑 GoodWeek 178.61 💪🤑💪🤑Exemplary
Week 84.20 💪🤑 GoodWeek 189.10 💪🤑💪🤑💪🤑Extra Exemplary
Week 94.69 💪🤑 GoodWeek 199.59 💪🤑💪🤑💪🤑Extra Exemplary
Week 105.18 💪🤑 GoodWeek 2010.08 COMPLETED - No emoji or words can describe how this feels

Proof of participation for FINAL Week 52 of the 365-Day Challenge: 12/19/21 - 12/25/21)
Proof of participation for FINAL Week 20 of Autumn Savings Challenge: Ending: 12/25/21

Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 10-21-02 justclickindiva - justclickindiva PeakD-AutumnSavingCHallenge-Week10-Transfer-FINAL.png

Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 10-20-09 justclickindiva - justclickindiva PeakD-AutumnSavingsChallenge-Week10FINAL-Balance.png



No Matter How Much You Save!

Thank you so much for your visit. I appreciate the time you out of your busy schedule to see my FINAL REPORT for the Saturday Savers Club.
Why not join in this fun initiative in 2022 for the 365 Penny-A-Day Challenge and start saving. Tell me what your savings plan looks like. I'd like to hear about different ideas.
See you next week.

@flaxz initiative #alive ; #aliveandthriving (Published my Week 52 Saturday Savers Club post and my Week 20 Autumn Savings Challenge post for my blog today)


Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.







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