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Guide to Recurrent Posting Operations

There is a common misconception that the switch to linear curation in HF25 removed the possibility to optimize your curation rewards. The game has changed immensly but there are backdoors that allow you to boost your ROI.

Kickback Schemes

A kickback scheme is an agreement (written or not) between the poster and the curator upvoter where the poster shares a portion of author rewards with the upvoter in order to attract the upvote. This is clearly advantageous for both parties. The poster keeps a share of an author reward that would not have materialised without the agreement. The upvoter earns extra compared to upvoting a no-kickback content.

The time of large vote-selling projects is long over as these attracted downvotes for being obvious shameless milking operations.

The time of "games" that introduced a trivial gambling layer to randomise kickbacks on individual post level (while keeping the long-term returns same for the patrons) has ended recently.

The progress continues.

Let's discuss a few key factors to decide the fate of a modern kickback-based reccurent-post money-making scheme.

Recurrent posting helps the environment. Maybe. Original artwork.

Game rules

Forcing your patrons to upvote the post to be eligible for rewards is just waving a red flag in the downvoter's face. Encourage trivial comments instead. It attracts new customers well, while you can still rewards your money earners best. Build the relations. They do not need a contract to upvote you - it is not like their kickback can be taken for granted elsewhere.

Language Selection

English (and Spanish to an extent) offers the best exposure but that is not a winner. It makes your marketing easier but it also attracts downvotes faster. If they cannot read it, they are unlikely to downvote. Once you have a following, you might as well write in a fake language (no "lorem ipsum", though). If you need to build your audience, put an extra effort in. I do not expect you to run your operation in Korean so refering to @arcange's Hive Language Analysis, #polish and #deutsch seem to be prime candidates. Please DYOR before starting to assess which market is ripe.

Content Dilemma

You might be inclined to actually post stuff. There is a catch. Plagiarism is a trending word these days. Whatever you write about, there is a non-zero risk of matching someone else's article by mistake and that is nothing you want to deal with. If you insist on randomising the words, you can include results or your state's lottery or top football division as these look reasonable. In practice, announcing your last round's winner(s) should do the trick and the rest should be copy-paste. Maybe have three or four versions rotating as the human eye can catch the fact all your posts start the same even if the language is not familiar.

Thumbnail Picture

It feels natural to brand your product with a thumbnail picture you use for every post but that looks spammy even though some big accounts get away with that. Well, they tend to have content so you better go safe and use a random landscape shot. Reuse it a few times to get that brand recognition and move on to the next one. Using unique pictures is too much effort.

Circle Voting

Making it to the Trending page is an adrenaline rush but that is the last thing you want to do. Your hundred does not have to come from one post. It can't - you would get smashed in the next hour. Your hundred a day needs to come from 50 posts. You do not want to make 50 posts a day on one account either so spreading your operation is necessary. Eleven accounts upvoting each other once a day is an amateurism. Diversify more, you are not going to ask your patrons to keep upvoting identical sets of accounts - they should be able to select an unique set of five or six accounts to follow so that the voting patterns do not stand out. I know managing 20 accounts sounds intimidating but in fact, you do not even need a finetuned schedule for the posts - you can get away with your accounts posting one right after another.

Tribe Tags

Tribe tokens are a great mechanism for fuelling your operation. Adding a couple tags results in raising a few tokens that do not have to be talked about. Only a fraction of your customer base will realise you are pocketing these. Even those who do realise will have hard time asking you to share as they cannot afford to look greedy. Make sure you start with testing every new tribe on one account to see whether the tribe owner and big investors are cool with your business as some may decide to downvote you. OTOH, the risk is not as big as it looks as most will just mute you in their tribe without harming your operation in other markets. I am pretty sure you can name a tribe or two that is well-known for their anti-downvote stance. If you can, a rather safe start is being offered to you.

Crisis Management

The downvotes will come sooner or later. Have a plan. It could be verbal threats. It could be downvote retaliation. It could be condescending silence. Any combination will do, just do not act compulsively. Have a plan.

Disclaimer Section

This article is a research writing. I am not sourcing the subjects, though. If it violates your plagiarism policy, feel free to DV. If you DV on the basis of content disagreement, that is fine with me as well. If you do not agree with rewards, I hear you. Neither do I. Just do not act compulsively. Have a plan.

Every time you are about to downvote, you should do a routine check of receiver's downvote mana. Just saying. I cannot get any voting graphs from Hivetasks so Ctrl+F and typing "down" in HB-Explorer is the best I can do right now. Any suggestions of an alternative resource are welcome.

Danke schoen und viel Spass!

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