How multilingual is Hive?

Have you ever wondered which language is used the most on Hive?

English is not the only language used by Hive users, even if it is obviously the #1. Many posts are written in "foreign" languages and sometimes may even contain multiple languages.

Yesterday started the Hive MeetUP organized by the Hispanic community and during the introduction, I heard someone saying that Spanish is the most used language on the Hive blockchain (apart from English). But is this really true?

Without delay, I began to analyze the data of the blockchain, and here is the result of my research.
Let's look at how many posts have been published on Hive, excluding those in English:

Note: this chart includes only posts, not comments/replies.

There might be some unexpected languages in this chart. Please keep in mind that language detection is not always perfect and sometimes got tricked when there are not enough words in a post.

And the winner is... Spanish!

¡Felicitaciones a la comunidad de habla hispana! Congratulations to the Spanish speaking community!

Their "domination" is truly impressive. It is not yet the time to rename Hive to "Colmena" but we may have to think about it one day. ;)

But before we claim victory, let's see if it's the result of episodic or regular activity.

Interesting, isn't it? Since Hive's forkday a year ago, the Hispanic community has not only grown by leaps and bounds, but they've also managed to keep that activity going.

The challengers

Let's see what happens at the level of the challengers

Although the Korean community has had a promising start, their activity on Hive is clearly in decline. I won't venture here trying to explain why, but I think we all have a good idea. Follow my gaze...

The second most active and regular community is the German-speaking community. Herzlichen Glückwunsch an alle meine deutschsprachigen Freunde!

Next come the Chinese, Portuguese and Italian communities, each with a good regularity as well.


As you know, I am a big fan of foreign languages as I started to learn 8 of them. By doing this, I opened my mind and my ability to better meet people who do not speak my language. My relationship with them was transformed, for the better.

I am convinced that there is room for linguistic diversity on Hive. Follow the example of the Spanish community and write in your own language.

Let's make the Hive community truly multilingual.

Thanks for reading!

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