It's Been A Good Week for HIVE

Greetings all my fellow HIVIANS! It's Monday and I'm posting again for the day. This is my first post in seven days!

What a happy thing to see HIVE pumping. Or should I say 'elevating' because it is not inflating suddenly like those pump-n-dumps, but steadily going up day after day. This is a good sign that the over-all HIVE value is reaching a new price normalcy. It's still not back to it's former healthy $0.50 - $1.00, but I am confident that it will get there.

Even without posting and participating in contests, my ALIVE power has been growing with curation/mining rewards and I'm still aiming for that 20K target.

Added a new token to the list: PGMM. Sold for 15 hive each, about to be 20 HIVE each once the first batch sells out. PGM has always offered a good product with their !PGM call and healthy token value.

Putting My Hive to Work

I've put most of my liquid hive to work for me, which is unusual as I often keep a percentage liquid just in case HIVE rockets. Liquid HIVE is either invested in passive income tokens (like ALIVE STAKE) or tied up in diesel pools. My favorite pool is SWAP.HIVE/CENT as it produces a dime/day without another thought, including in swap.hive and in swap.hbd.

I don't know of any other passive income stream that pays in HBD, even if it's just half a penny a day.

I re-invest the centg token in it's own pool and have options with LEO and POB, either to stake or sell, depending on the trends.

If I were ever tight for HIVE, I could always pull the liquid hive from here. It's nice to know there is quick access to liquid HIVE if the value decides to jump.

What Has Been Your Strategy for ACTIVE or PASSIVE crypto income?


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