Would Being A Crypto Millionaire Make You A Target


The world is changing and so is the concept of being at risk or a target of an attack/attacker. The recent news about a Crypto millionaire found dead after a week of searching is one that can't be ignored.

On May 21 he was reported missing by his relatives for not showing up for a shift which his brothers said was a red flag because he never misses a shift.

What now came to be shocking is that he was found after a week-long search about an hour to his last known location and he has a gunshot wound.
Even with this, the police said no foul play was involved.

My question now is that what if being a known crypto millionaire was one of the reasons that made him a target? But the fact is that we can't say for sure what could happen, only that the incident looks suspicious and I suspect foul play was involved.

I think as the crypto-verse is expanding and millions of people are achieving financial success and creating enormous wealth it's going to be an opportunity for some greedy people to see these types of individuals as a means to an end.

The responsibility rests on everyone to find ways to be safe and secure both in the virtual world and the offline world as attacks on crypto users are becoming a thing as of late and with the next bull market swooping in, we can expect things to go over the line.

What measures could be used to protect crypto enthusiast as most information these days are online and easy for anyone to see and use for good or dubious reasons?

Some would agree that being anonymous helps but I don't think everyone can be anonymous how do you see it? Share your thoughts in the comment

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