Work And Information Dynamics Are Changing

In the past job eligibility has been focused mainly on how many A’s you produced, how many tests passed and how many formulas you memorized.

This made tThe world revolves around the intelligence of the four walls classroom leaving those who are not drilled into the four-walled system almost unable to get a good job because they are perceived as unintelligent because of the inability to access valuable information that’s only present in the classroom.


However, in today's world, it is not the same as there has been a big shift from restricting and regulating information to individuals both schooled and unschooled to be able to research and review the information that's relevant to them.

This was made possible through the invention of a cyber world that is controlled by none and used by all. In the past, we have been unable to counter most rules like the rules of only being allowed to work a job after spending around 25 years in the classroom.

The information in the classroom's four walls is now available to anyone with internet access. Any type of information we need from anyone or any source is now being sent to our mobile phones and computers.

If this means anything it’s that those who were considered unschooled in the past are now presented with the opportunity to educate themselves on anything they are passionate about. Any job can now be done by a college graduate and a skilled average Joe who understands can prove himself only by what he produces and not by how many exams he has passed.

Work dynamics are now changing and you’ll only be employed today based on what you can produce and not what you have been able to memorize since preschool.

What do you think about the work dynamics, is it changing to reward those who can produce more instead of those who passed more?

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